Beware of Naked Toes

I dress better if I start here!

The brain is a wonderful organ; it starts working the moment you get up in the morning and does not stop until you get into the office.

                                                     Robert Frost

I usually end up putting an outfit together in the morning, but the pitfalls of that is time…can’t run late, or I get caught in the school carpool line! I have attempted many times to pre-plan my outfits, but somehow it never seems to work.

Another drawback of waiting until morning, is that I often will allow something to go unnoticed because I was rushing to get out. That’s why I was just short of being horrified today, when I looked down at my feet and saw NAKED TOES! Maybe not the biggest deal in the world, but I attempt to never wear sandals or open toed shoes without a nice color on the toes. It is rare that they look like this. However, I love this pair of GUESS shoes with the major bling on top! They pop nicely with the black, white and grey look of this outfit.

But great bling!
Naked toes!

It really is too bad that a middle class American school teacher/mom/caregiver to her mom cannot afford a personal stylist! How I wish I could say each morning to a little genie in my closet, “ please find for me a youthful, trendy, business-casual look that centers around this jacket that I really like and of course is slimming on top of all of that!!” Oh, and do this quickly because I need to get to work right away!

Since that is not going to happen EVER, I guess I need to be satisfied with occasionally finding a problem with my look like NAKED TOES!

Hands not too bad!
By the way, the look:

Chico’s grey silk jacket

Lane Bryant animal print cardigan

Lane Bryant trouser denims

Red GUESS shoes

Bracelets from Avenue


  1. Oh, I like the red shoes with the zebra print and the silk jacket. Beautiful bracelets too.

    If it makes you feel any better, I went without stockings today also and the temperature began to plummet around noon.

  2. LOL, naked toes don't bother me a bit. But I do have my own little quirk like if I paint my finger and toe nails the color has to be the same. Go figure! I LOVE those shoes!! You don't need a bit of color to wear those babies! ~Serene

  3. Hi, visiting your blog for the very first time! Interesting! I feel naked without nail polish on my toes, even wearing 66d. black tights. On fingernails, I hardly ever wear colors, only Mavala natural, especially if I wear rings. Btw, your ring and bracelet are beautiful!

  4. I agree, more than my fingernails, I can't stand looking at my toes without any color! And I like to go a little wilder on the toes…
    I agree with Lisa Marie–you don't need a stylist, and besides, how would you be creative then????

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