Did You Get the Color Memo?

Sweater & Earrings: Thrift;
Jeans & Jacket: Lane Bryant;
Scarf: Marshall’s
Boots: Ross


This seems to happen a lot at work: there will be days when the majority of people just randomly wear the same colors. It seems to happen most often with black & white. But today, it was this wonderful shade of purple that suddenly appeared on several of the ladies on staff.

The Lane Bryant Jacket was only $15 on
a clearance rack with a coupon!

I researched this color on a couple of sites and found a variety of names: Magenta, Medium/Dark Violet, Dark Orchid, and Royal Lilac. I have always thought of magenta as a shade of red; but, whatever you call it, the color looks fabulous on anyone who wears it. I purchased the sweater and earrings recently at a thrift store….it amazes me how close the earrings and scarf are in color selection; they could have been designed by the same person. I usually do not wear a dominant print in a scarf and a multi-colored earring together, but the light neutral in the jacket seemed to help it work this time.

Mrs. Joy’s Look

FYI…when researching the color names, I found the Spring/Summer 2011 Color Forecasts. There is a light version of this color which is predicted to be big this spring and it is called Soft Lilac. It is among a variety of soft colors with hand tinted finishes which we supposedly will see frequently on the sales racks soon.

These teachers didn’t get the memo but still
look fabulous!

The good Dr. combined a great jacket
from Stein Mart with a necklace from
Charming Charlies; look at how
this color makes those blue eyes


  1. Over50–I have noticed this very thing where I work. It might be worth some sort of study…how people determine their wardrobe selections based on the weather, or what?

    Soon, I think we may get to see your ENTIRE face.

  2. I love that you included pics of your co-workers! That's so cool! I love it! Seems like you work in a pretty neat environment!
    And, I love the magenta/purple/deep lilac, etc.

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