Dressing For Celebrations


This is a big week! This week my marriage will be 27 years old and my blog will be six months old!

As all marriages, we have had our ups and downs and all a rounds, but who could be unhappy married to a hunk like the one pictured here. He is one of the kindest, gentlest souls around and has been a blessing to his entire family!

I call him Bear; Others call
him Bill Clinton!

The blog also has had its ups and downs, but in celebration of the ups, I think at the halfway point it is time to officially introduce myself. I am Pam Lutrell…57 years old….and having way too much fun doing this most every day! Anyone who really knows me knows how much I detest having my picture taken, so the irony of this is really sweet! I am forced to let go of certain inhibitions in order to reach the goal that I have set for this blog.

I started this six months ago at the encouragement of a close friend when I said that I desired to inspire and encourage women over 50 to live as women of strength and dignity.

When I spoke those words, I was witnessing many women who were shut down, despondent, and feeling like they had no purpose past child rearing. They look in the mirror and think the image is supposed to look forlorn simply because they are aging. They do not feel useful or joyful and lack confidence and direction.

Those are the women that I desire this blog to help. I was helped seven years ago to come out of the doldrums and a major part of that journey was creating a new personal style and beginning to care again about my appearance. It resulted in a new era of confidence and joy for me.

My daughter questioned if this was the right venue, because she does not believe that women over 50 will follow blogs or spend that much time on a computer. But, with women 40 and above making up over half of the current U.S. female population according to the Census conducted before the most recent one, I believe there are many women online who will enjoy a blog like this one.

So, I am dedicated to finding them and persevering. I believe I have learned principals in the past seven years that keep me balanced, dignified, fashionable, and fun…..but, also are principals for the everyday woman within her budget…within her comfort zone…within her world.

There you have it…I am Pam and I have much to celebrate!

Chico’s: Jeans; Koh’s:  Simply Vera Purse;
Stein Mart: Favorite Brown Boots

This week starts with a coat I found over the summer at Ross. I love this coat (Jones of New York, Signature) and I am so, so happy that the weather down here finally turned cooler. I have learned that making off season purchases really pays off…even though it is hard to buy something like this when it is over 100 degrees and then wait so long to wear it.

When I wear it, I feel like I could walk into this picture and walk right into the party at this house!!

Here’s to Anniversary Celebrations and Holiday Parties!


  1. You are Pam….and I adore you!! Say it sister!! Im so thankful I was able to find your blog and start following you…..there ARE tons of women 40 and up, any age really…who love fashion blogging!! You are an inspiration to us all….congrats on both Anniversaries!!!

    Stop by and say Hello:)
    Statements in Fashion Blog♥

  2. Hi Pam! So wonderful to meet you! Officially that is. I truly believe that there's a place in fashion for EVERYONE no matter the age. But I definitely have an affinity for bloggers who aren't of the typical 20 something ultra thin persuasion. I love your bog and I'm loving learning more about you and your wonderful heart! Lots of love coming your way! ~Serene

  3. Hubby does look a younger Bill Clinton.

    I think that's funny your daughter didn't think a blog was a good venue. Did she think her mother was the only mother who knows her way around the Internet?

  4. I have recently discovered your blog, & it has quickly become a favorite. I am 56 & recently retired. I am searching for a style to fit my new life. I don't want to become one of those women who lives in sweats. Just because I am not in the corporate world, doesn't mean I need to look like a slob.

  5. Becky, WELCOME! Hopefully, we will have some fun walking this journey together…I look awful in sweats..never wear them! Please join in the conversation as often as you like and thanks for the comments!

    The rest of you just warm my heart!

    RoseAG…I think my daughter did believe that , but she admits those ideas of hers are changing!

  6. hi Pam! i love your 'mission statement' – i started my blog for personal reasons. but when i saw the huge # of style blogs compared to the much smaller # of 40+ bloggers, i saw that there's an aspect of 'invisible ladies' making themselves visible that goes way beyond style.

    and as you say, there are many 40-50+ ladies who are coming into freer time than they have had for decades….congratulations and keep it up!!! steph

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