Fashion Week and Falling Off The Wagon!

Day Nine: Challenge OVER…But, Fashion Week off to a great start!

The mansion was built in 1904
as a gift to the owner’s wife.
In 1926, it became the home
of the Women’s Club

I am sorry to report that I did not last very long….tonight I made a purchase!

Embarrassing, just nine days into the challenge. Here is how it went down:

Its fashion week in San Antonio ( and wanting to take my role as a fashion blogger seriously, I really desired to participate in one or more of the events.

But let’s face it. The past ten years as a mild mannered high school teacher have been borderline boring. I go to bed every weeknight at 9:00 and rise every weekday at 4:30. Most ask at this point, are you insane?? Why 4:30? Journalism has been part of my makeup since I was in 8th grade and early morning is when I catch up on headlines and now prepare a daily Current Event Lesson.

Also, I have never missed election night news coverage, so this was a tough decision.

The pomegranite tree outside caught
my attention and Gigi
looked colorful as well!

I went to my partner in crime (Gigi) and convinced her to join me (though it did not take much convincing). So, we headed to the edge of downtown to a beautiful area of older mansions where the Woman’s Club of SA meets to attend a reception called Equal Opportunity for Fashionistas, hosted by the Fashion Editor for the San Antonio Express News, Michael Quintanilla. Now, Michael is the first and only male member of the Women’s Club which is predominately the grand dames of San Antonio and I now know a group of seasoned women who love to have a good time!

Hats are so much fun at an event
like this one!

I was a little hesitant the ride down, because I just did not know what to expect. Would it be mostly younger adults… and mostly the really “out there” side of fashion…would we be obviously out of place. Well, wrong on all accounts. All ages were present, but I honestly believe, it was predominately the 40 plus crowd who held the majority. As Quintanilla said, “The generation gap has widened in fashion. The older consumers are more stylish and trendsetters.” A whole section of his presentation featured women like Joan Collins, Joan Rivers, Racqel Welch; as well as, Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, and Jackie O. The over 50 stylish trendsetters were out tonight and made SA proud!

Everyone looked great!

The evening covered a wealth of information that I want to share in several entries, but for now you must know there was a magnificent jewelry sale. Gigi and I both left with gorgeous bracelets!! We just couldn’t say NO! But tomorrow morning I will get back on the wagon and continue to control my shopping. For now, shhhh don’t tell my husband!

Gigi found this amazing bracelet
Plenty of BLING!

I like the mix of lace and with the flower on this
cardigan by Red.

I chose a trendy cardigan with a pinstripe pant

Jewelry Displays were creative!

Classy Looks everywhere!
SA has beautiful stylish ladies!

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  1. I am so jealous of your getting to attend a fashion event. I'm out in the sticks…and if Kansas City has anything like this, I'm out of the loop.

    Great bracelet, and your secret is safe with me.

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