DAY 8 – The Creativity Challenge
(I decided to rename the challenge. No shopping sounds so final and this is by no means, final….do you sense I am beginning to weaken!)
Student Art

There are mornings when I walk into my closet and feel like this painting…Who am I today?

I usually keep in mind that I do not want to dress like any other teacher, I want to dress like I am an administrator…like I run the place. But, by now you know that I also like to throw in a bit of creativity. So, there are days that I might go for the conservative, power-look and other days I might go for the boho-artsy style.

The no-shopping challenge (oops, creativity challenge) has given me something else to think about because I am attempting to look different every day and not repeat looks.

These are all reasons why the painting seemed to describe me as I entered the closet.

Not feeling exactly who I was at that moment, I attempted to combine both styles with a simple green V neck sweater over my brown slacks. The sweater and the scarf were from Lane Bryant.

The short trench is a Grace Elements jacket that I bought at the beginning of autumn two years ago at Ross. I always receive compliments on it…it has a lot of detailing.

How I ended the day!

How I began

The “artsy” side of me often plays out most in the accessories. That is why I reached for the long scarf which can wrap around my next twice before I tie the bow; the gold, brown, and green bracelet; and the earrings which I paid $5 for in an Avon catalog!

I still cannot believe these
were $5…go Avon!

My artsy touch


In today’s mail, I discovered this catalog from Soft Surroundings. I had never heard of them until I got the mailer. This led me to the website and I have to say, based on what I see on both, I am ready to give them a try. Beautiful clothes. Classy. Gorgeous. Feminine.

The prices in the mailer are high, but I found good mark downs online. I am also in the market for a new bedspread and they have a striking fare.

Has anyone purchased from them before? Let us know.

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