Who Are You?

DAY 8 – The Creativity Challenge
(I decided to rename the challenge. No shopping sounds so final and this is by no means, final….do you sense I am beginning to weaken!)
Student Art

There are mornings when I walk into my closet and feel like this painting…Who am I today?

I usually keep in mind that I do not want to dress like any other teacher, I want to dress like I am an administrator…like I run the place. But, by now you know that I also like to throw in a bit of creativity. So, there are days that I might go for the conservative, power-look and other days I might go for the boho-artsy style.

The no-shopping challenge (oops, creativity challenge) has given me something else to think about because I am attempting to look different every day and not repeat looks.

These are all reasons why the painting seemed to describe me as I entered the closet.

Not feeling exactly who I was at that moment, I attempted to combine both styles with a simple green V neck sweater over my brown slacks. The sweater and the scarf were from Lane Bryant.

The short trench is a Grace Elements jacket that I bought at the beginning of autumn two years ago at Ross. I always receive compliments on it…it has a lot of detailing.

How I ended the day!

How I began

The “artsy” side of me often plays out most in the accessories. That is why I reached for the long scarf which can wrap around my next twice before I tie the bow; the gold, brown, and green bracelet; and the earrings which I paid $5 for in an Avon catalog!

I still cannot believe these
were $5…go Avon!

My artsy touch


In today’s mail, I discovered this catalog from Soft Surroundings. I had never heard of them until I got the mailer. This led me to the website and I have to say, based on what I see on both, I am ready to give them a try. Beautiful clothes. Classy. Gorgeous. Feminine.

The prices in the mailer are high, but I found good mark downs online. I am also in the market for a new bedspread and they have a striking fare.

Has anyone purchased from them before? Let us know.




  1. Good looking combination. I like brown and green. You could be in a catalog!

    Sometimes when I get catalogs I go through them, shopping my closet. I've got torn out pictures of catalog outfits sitting up next to my closet and when I'm energetic I put them on — right there from stuff I already own.

  2. Ahhh, the questions we ask ourselves when we approach our closet in the morn….
    I can totally relate to the "being different" thing….I try and change up the same outfit so its never REALLY the same.
    Great jacket, btw
    lol Rose!!! So true….

  3. beautiful pics from that catalogue. I have started to figure out my outfits days in advance, thus eliminating my morning drama in the closet! I like the scarf–especially since I'm still trying to figure out how to tie mine.

    And Rose…I'm going to try that.

  4. Terri, If you go to the Coldwater Creek website, they have a printable tutorial for tying scarves, I think there are 6 different ways that they show-very helpful. Just look at any of their scarves online and there should be a link to the tutorial.

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