I must take a moment to stray from the outside into the inside; for today I am pondering “the lasts.” We have many lasts in our lifetime; but, what stinks, is that they intensify with age and become so,well, final. From our last day on the monkey bars….to the last time the Beatles performed together…to the last college final…to the last day in our first family home….the moments to stop and reflect grow longer and longer. The moments of sincere thankfulness grow deeper and deeper.

Today will be the last day that I ever wash my sons’ football pants. After about 12 years of football, I will use intense soaking in Oxy Clean for the FINAL time.

I have loved football since I was six years old when I began watching the Dallas Cowboys with my father. My high school football team was featured in the movie Friday Night Lights…and I guess, yes, in Texas, it is a religion. To have sons who played high school ball, and played it well, was one of the greatest joys of my life. We lost our playoff game last night and amidst tears and shock, I began to be hit with an intense, stomach gripping pain as THE LASTS set in.

Of course, last road trip…we get lost!!

So, with a sense of joy, I raise my apple juice glass this morning in honor of the LASTS. In this moment, I thank God for cold nights in the stands, warm peanuts and hot chocolate, road trips with good friends, homemade pies on country roads, drum lines, cheerleaders, mascots, the Stat Man and tough defensive stands. But, mostly for two little boys who walked on with helmets in hand and walked off as men, tears in their eyes, for the very last time.

Here’s to you, #50  & #4

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