Today Was ME Day!

I HAVE NOW OFFICIALLY SHOPPED…Well, it is the holidays after all!

After a difficult day with my mother (86) yesterday, my sweet husband said that I could have a “Me” day today! I really needed it…mother had just told me that the government was looking for her because she knew how to fly the Rio Grande border between Texas and Mexico and I was NOT to give her location to anyone! (hopefully no one is monitoring blogspot during the search…in case you are wondering, she has never flown a plane…ever)

Anyway, I put on my favorite anorak and my Cole Hahn walking flats that I picked up at Marshall’s a couple of years ago and headed out. A friend had told me about a new resale shop near where I live, The Garment Exchange, so I decided to check it out.

These Cole Hahns were $15!

The owner, Marilyn Caskey, is a sweetheart and was happy to show me around and explain her point of view for a resale boutique. She has a trendy, boho chic feel that she’s aiming towards for men, women, and youth. I had a great time in her shop and will definitely return. I know I have been avoiding shopping, but, it’s resale…right?

Marilyn owns The Garment Exchange! Pictured
here with a new staffer!

I found a pair of shoes for my daughter, a sweater for me, a necklace, earrings, bracelet, and a great ring…all pictured here for $44.

Seychelles Ballet Flats for my daughter

After that, I popped into Ross looking for a gold belt and found this Steve Madden belt marked down to $11…I really love the bronze metal aesthetic on this belt.

Necklace & Bracelt for me!
Ross Steve Madden Belt..for me!

$1.99 earrings for me!

Yes!  Ring for me!

Finally, I made my way to the movie theater (yes, alone…that doesn’t bother me as long as it is not often) and saw Morning Glory. Being a journalist, I was drawn to it and, I found myself looking at Diane Keeton and Rachel McAdams’s outfits… seems like it is really in my blood now.

I’m back home and the feds have not found mother yet….thank goodness!

The day-out outfit:

Military Green Anorak by Liz & Me

Black Cami from Chico’s

Black, White, Red, Green wool floral scarf & bronze earrings from Stein Mart

Bronze Bracelet from Kohl’s

Bronze watch from Target

Jeans from Lane Bryant

Cole Hahn Flats from Marshall’s


  1. Over50–those beautiful ballet flats make me wish I was your daughter. Sounds like you have found a great little shop. How long has she been in business?

    As for your mother, how distressing. My own mother, at 78, is still sharp as a tack. My former pastor though would go visit his mother and she would regale him with stories of her pastor son…I cannot imagine the sort of anxiety that can create. Sounds like you have a good sense of humor about it all.

  2. Does you Mom watch Fox News? Thoughts about the gov't and flying make me think of someone who's been listening to them talk (endlessly) about the TSA.

    One of the last things that my Dad, who passed away this fall, could do was get the TV turned on and Fox was his station. He'd always liked politics and they have plenty of that.

    He wasn't too talkative towards the end and I was always secretly grateful that he wasn't spouting off some of the things he'd heard.

    I think love that she's having an exciting delusional life. Eluding the gov't while flying over the Rio Grande is the stuff of movies.

  3. ahh…thanks for the story about my store. so sweet. customers like you make my day brighter. and by the way, i love your blog! don't forget to bring your cards by soon and i will spread the word.

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