Full Parking Lots at 4:45 AM!

I’m exhausted…but who wouldn’t be after cooking a full Thanksgiving dinner for the family, getting up in the middle of the night, and spending several hours with THOUSANDS of their closest friends!

I really think I do Black Friday more for the fun of it, than for the prices. However, looking at my Kohl’s receipt and seeing: You Saved $133.67 on just seven items helps!

After years of many Black Fridays, I have learned these lessons:

1. ALWAYS, have a game plan. Check the ads, the web and organize coupons and specials. Know which stores open first and what perks are available at different hours.

2. You must go with a mindset composed of patience and a sense of humor. There are line cutters and just rude people out there and you must not let them get to you.

3. It is important to wear layers. When I left the house I was freezing, but after standing in the checkout line for one hour at Kohl’s and I began to sweat, so the first layer came off. I was alone, but smarter shoppers brought family so that one could stand in line and the other could run and bring items.

4. Comfortable shoes are more important than style or fashion at this point. If your most comfortable shoes are worn out, just go with it!

Boots in Line in Front of me..she
said she got them at Charming Charlies

I realize that I could do most of what I purchased online, but that would take the fun out of it. I always meet interesting people and learn a lot about consumers and buying habits when I do this. Today, most of the people shared stories about retail outlets I currently do not frequent…like Toys R Us. It sounds like it was a zoo there at midnight. I learned that Black Friday in the small towns of Kansas is like a family affair and everyone works together to help get what they came for. So, there’s much satisfaction amidst the fatigue….I saved money and watched with great entertainment a woman try on clothing as she moved from rack to rack through the store while standing in the checkout line at the same time…it was hysterical!

A happy shopper!!

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