Vest & Necklace: Stein Mart: Blouse & Trousers: Lane Bryant;
Short Boot: Dillards; Bracelet & Purse: Kohl’s

I have found myself rushing home on the day’s I believe I have an amazing topic and outfit for the blog. I will forego the grocery store, the mailbox, and briefly pat the cat in order to rush to my computer and type the insightful words I have restructured in my head during the slow times at work. Sometimes, it seems to take forever before the Internet connects and the pictures upload until I can begin to share all I have planned.

Today was such a day and I could hardly wait to get to this place and tell you the story of my wardrobe selection. But, something wasn’t right! The card from the camera was blank….hopelessly blank! Every image from the day was gone and I did not know what was wrong with the camera or how to fix it! Wow, shot down by a camera card…humbled by a piece of equipment!

So, ladies this will have to do!

Last weekend, I got this picture of an outfit I created in order to highlight this vest which I recently purchased at Stein Mart. I love the detailing on the vest and the blue in both the vest and blouse. I do not wear this brighter royal blue often, but I really like the color. The vest was only $20 on sale with a coupon! For the warmer winter we have, I think I will get much wear out of this.

It’s blue…. and I am too about the camera malfunction!

Christmas is Coming!  25 Days!

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