This ornament is my
body shape!!
Inside this body lies that of a skinny lady, but I can usually shut her up with chocolate.   –Author Unknown

What I prefer to do is eat the chocolate and accentuate the body of the skinny lady! I have learned several tips over the past five years which have helped me to look thinner and accept my body as it is right now. That doesn’t mean that I am not constantly working on losing the weight, but I do not sulk around and use the weight as an excuse not to look great.

At the time, seven years ago, I began to change my sad frumpy look, I was buying into a myth that oversized, baggy clothing hid the weight and made me look thinner! I had to be convinced, but once I began to wear clothes that actually fit and began to learn certain techniques, I was amazed at how much different I looked. Immediately, I was asked if I had been on a diet…how much have you lost?… and it was at a time that I knew I had not lost anything.

I thought of this today as I put on this faux wrap knit top from Coldwater Creek. I am always taken with how thin I look in this top…the picture really does not do it justice. Wrap tops and dresses will always take off pounds.

The Faux Wrap is a natural waist slimmer!

Sweater: Chico’s; Top: Coldwater Creek

Some of the other things I have learned:

1. Wear a properly fitted bra…hoist up the girls off the waistline

2. Open up the neckline

3. Wear belts that define a waist

4. Wear the empire high waistline just under the girls in order to accentuate the smallest part of your body

5. Wear clothes that fit well and have flattering seaming

Some of these things I have mentioned before and I will save other tips for another day.

Mrs. Joy defines her waist with a
great belt

I found this on (of all places WebMD)about different body types:
“But where to start? Here’s the experts’ advice: Take a deep breath, then a long, hard look in a full-length mirror — stark naked!
“You have to look past the extra pounds and focus on your overall body shape, the proportion between your top half and bottom half, and details of your basic bone structure, such as the width of your shoulders, the length of your neck, the width of your hip bones, ” says celebrity stylist Laura Siebold, director of

These areas, Siebold tells WebMD, are keys to balancing any figure type.

“If your top is decidedly larger than your bottom, then achieving proportion is about choosing styles that simultaneously minimize your top half while accentuating your bottom half — and again, a full-length mirror can be your best friend,” says Siebold.

Likewise, if you’re bottom-heavy and top-light, Siebold says, look for clothes that bring the eye upward. Think great necklines and bright colors near the face, and dark colors on the bottom.”
“It is totally amazing, but any woman can look 5, 10, even 15 pounds slimmer automatically by simply using a few fashion tricks to fool the eye,” says Lourdes Figueroa, founder and chief executive officer of UdefineU, a DVD program that teaches women how to become their own stylists.

“A plus-size girl’s best friend is definitely her tailor, because oftentimes just a dart here or a seam there can give even the most inexpensive outfits a designer look — and yes, that will make you look thinner,” says Figueroa.
As unflattering as baggy, shapeless clothing can be, wearing outfits that are too small can be an even bigger fashion disaster

But, if you want a great place to start…buy a faux wrap shirt during all of the Christmas and first of year sales!


  1. I am a great fan of wrap blouses and dresses! (except on windy days!) You look wonderful and I am especially struck by the beautiful SHINE of your hair! I am curious about this "change" you describe 7 years ago. Perhaps you have done a previous post on this, but was it a simple decision to change from the "frump" look or was there something that pushed you to make this change. I'm curious becausee my own impulse to "change" came several years later.

  2. i love the big flower on your sweater! And, it's so important to dress for your body type. I love wearing belts… almost with every outfit! It's my go-to style look.

  3. Wonderful tips! Opening up the neckline does wonders to draw attention to the face. Being comfortable with your body and confidence are absolutely the best accessories! You look fabulous, by the way….love the wrap blouse!

  4. That quote is fabulous. . as do you look! Great tips on flattering clothing. . I've always thought that shapeless clothes not only make one feel terrible, they accentuate flaws. Wrap dresses and tops, though, are divine 🙂

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