Friend Friday: Blogger Burnout!!

1. How many hours a week do you spend blogging? Has that number changed since you started?

Conservatively, I think it would be about 15 hours a week that I spend on blogging and blog preparation. That has changed since the beginning….because I now spend so much time on other blogs. In the beginning, I would write a post, close it and go away. Now I enjoy so many others and have learned lessons from so many others, that I have to watch the time I spend with them.

2. There is always more you can do, write, read, comment on…how do you limit your time spent on these tasks?

Life limits the time. My work, students, and family just naturally put limitations on the time, because I cannot ignore life and shut it outside a door while I pull out the computer. But, I also see the blog as part of a bigger picture and goals that I have set for myself…so I justify the time spent because I truly desire to help women over 50. Since I am a journalist, I tend to get caught up in research and looking at the blog as a reporter…but I think that is a good thing and I do not want to stop looking at it from a fashion journalist viewpoint…it just requires more time.

3. Have you experienced Blogger Burnout yet? How have you dealt with that?

I think I am too new at this (6 months) to be burned out yet? However, I do experience Blogger Doubt a lot…and wonder if this is making a difference and if it is worth the time. It seems that every time my doubt grows and I am about to push the DELETE button, some sweet reader gives me a surprise piece of encouragement. That has kept me going more than anything!

4. This time of year is always a lot busier than any other time. Will your blogging change as a result?

Since I teach, it will be crazy until the end of the semester…but after that I get a longer vacation than most and that will give me more time, actually, to work on research, new ideas, and articles for the blog. It will help me.

5. Could you foresee a moment that you are not blogging anymore?

I really do not think so…unless an unforeseen crisis in my family was to arise. I could see me adding another blog to the mix on a different topic possibly. Right now, I am feeling energized by blogging and not weary…I realize that can change in a heartbeat!

6. How would you identify that it is time to walk away?

Of course, if no one is reading it, then I would walk away. I am not doing this for me and that was not my motivation in beginning. As long as there are readers, and I am helping some of those readers walk in confidence & joy during midlife, then I plan to keep going!! It has been so much fun and I love the incredible women I have met through blogging.


  1. Pam–I'm so glad to see that you did these questions too. Sounds like you began your blog about the same time I did, as though we were somehow 'fated' to cross one another's paths. Here's to many more years of blogging friendship.

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