Little Things & Big Differences

Made from a man’s tie!!

It was little things that caught my attention today.

I have a very fashion forward student who has begun to make head pieces from men’s ties. I loved the one she wore today and it inspires me to work with some of my husband’s old ones and see if I can do this….a project over the holiday!

Gigi wore a wonderful necklace gifted to her from her sisters and the big, flowy bow just made the necklace for me!

Gig’s necklace with a bow!

Finally, I raided my mother’s jewelry box and found several things I liked, but especially these little pins. She has a couple of the star designs and a butterfly…that I will save for spring.

Scarf, bracelets, rings, and pins …lots of bling!


Sometimes a style statement can be quiet, subtle….but somehow loud for the eye of the beholder. These were loud statements to me, yet all very simple.

That’s the end!


  1. I think the shoes are my favorite! Gorgeous! I also love that you took a photo of your student. I want to do that ALL the time — they put the cutest outfits together, and so inexpensively. Target Couture looks awesome on them. Ah, youth!

  2. I really like the necktie hair accessory. If you find out how to make it, please post a tutorial. You are absolutely right, I think often in our clothes it's the small touches that really make the difference. ~Serene

  3. I too would like a better picture of the necktie/hair band. Is she covering a plastic headband with the tie?

    My mother gave me some hat/lapel pins from a departed Uncle. I'm leary of the ones with Masonic symbols, but some of the others I've used to secure big scarves.

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