In Honor of the Artist

“After years of painting, drawing, sculpting or whatever, your style becomes you. You are your style. Inseparable, one and the same, no matter what you choose to create.” (Sonja Donnelly)

I think the paintings we select reveal much about us
as well, and probably about out style.  Yes, I love
a dreary, cozy day in a smaller village (rather than a big

Though it may not involve a canvas and a brush, the style blog is an artistic work of a unique and different kind. Each day, the styling of an outfit and a photography setting pours out of the creativity of an artist.

A daily walk through the blogosphere for those who love fashion can be as exhilarating as a stroll through a new Impressionist exhibit for the art habitue’.

In honor of the artists’ works I visit each day, today I wore a long Paris graphic T; a black artistic smock jacket; and much jewelry.

Graphic T:  Avenue
Jacket:  Thrifted…years ago
Jeans: Lane Bryant
Ring: Stein Mart
Ballet Flats: Target
Earrings:  Thrifted

Started with this T

Final Touch….the really big ring
Yes, I can work with this ring on…typing

The only problem….during the course of the morning the temperature dropped thirty degrees, so when I came out wearing very thin materials…I froze!

But, as any true artist would, I persevered and went on!!


  1. Love what you said about blogging, creating an outfit and organizing a photo shoot as it were are all using creativity. I hAd someone question me when I said my blog was my creative outlet. You explained it so well.

    Love the t-shirt and that ring is fab u lous

  2. I love this post and surely agree!
    though my house doesn't seem to reflect my true personality. We 'settled' on a house that I don't really 'like', though i am grateful for it.
    I would love an old 2/3 story home with old hard woods and lots of character.
    by the way, I'm trying to get a "pearl" post together for next week.
    For those of us who are 'saged' bloggers to pull out our pearls and do a group post of our pearls. if you'd like to join, let me know and we can e-mail each other our photos to post on a certain day.
    Sound fun?

  3. How well you put into words the way I feel about putting together an outfit, and all the rest, as a work of art as good as any other.
    You won my heart my friend.
    Un abrazo fuerte.

  4. Oh, I like the artist's smock/jacket AND the big ring. As for style, I often boast to my students that have 2 or 3 papers from them that I can identify the writer of the paper by its style. They are unconvinced and yet, I can.

  5. What a terrific post. Hello Pam, we pass eachother in other bloggers comments' aisle and yet we haven't yet met. My name is Bella and I write the Street Style SACRAMENTO and the Citizen Rosebud blogs. I'm from California and I couldn't agree more with the style or distinct signature a blogger creates with their blog. YOURS is full of life, and life experiences. And above some very wonderful clothing pieces (I really like the polkadot coat). Wishing you a wonderful holiday season! xo. -Bella Q

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