“After years of painting, drawing, sculpting or whatever, your style becomes you. You are your style. Inseparable, one and the same, no matter what you choose to create.” (Sonja Donnelly)

I think the paintings we select reveal much about us
as well, and probably about out style.  Yes, I love
a dreary, cozy day in a smaller village (rather than a big

Though it may not involve a canvas and a brush, the style blog is an artistic work of a unique and different kind. Each day, the styling of an outfit and a photography setting pours out of the creativity of an artist.

A daily walk through the blogosphere for those who love fashion can be as exhilarating as a stroll through a new Impressionist exhibit for the art habitue’.

In honor of the artists’ works I visit each day, today I wore a long Paris graphic T; a black artistic smock jacket; and much jewelry.

Graphic T:  Avenue
Jacket:  Thrifted…years ago
Jeans: Lane Bryant
Ring: Stein Mart
Ballet Flats: Target
Earrings:  Thrifted

Started with this T

Final Touch….the really big ring
Yes, I can work with this ring on…typing

The only problem….during the course of the morning the temperature dropped thirty degrees, so when I came out wearing very thin materials…I froze!

But, as any true artist would, I persevered and went on!!

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