Splitting Hairs Over Hair Color

Hair Stylist, Esther, with roses from her wonderful

There are some situations that you just know going in are no-win crisis moments. For example, if my mother asks me to cook one of her favorite meals, I already am 100% sure that I will not get it right. Therefore, I avoid it at all costs.

That is how I felt last week when my 24 year old daughter came home and announced that I was going to help her color her hair. I immediately thought…this is a recipe for disaster. But, she was adamant that we were going to tackle the task.

Teen Jess!

Before walking you through the process, please allow me to give a little history. Jess was blonde from birth to 18. During her teen years, she was bleached blonde and surrounded by a sea of blonde friends. So, you might be able to understand how her dad & I felt when she walked in from college with chocolate brown hair…. shocked is putting it mildly. I do not know that her father has ever recovered, but after I looked closely, I actually found her change to take her from gorgeous to striking (I am her mother after all). Never before had her blue eyes been so dominant or her porcelain skin so vibrant.

The next year, she convinced me to do the same and I went from the straggly blonde I was sporting (as grey had moved in to join the other colors) to a shorter, darker, more stylish me. The hero in my make over was (and is) my stylist, Esther….who is easily on my BFF list for the last five years.

Esther is from Panama and she is a genius with hair…while she also cares for a seriously ill husband, runs a small business, and helps provide for a huge family back on a Panamanian farm. Making certain that she is in my budget is one of my top priorities. I would counsel anyone that a stylist is the way to go….

But, I am not a young twenty-something world traveler who wants all of my money to go toward jetting about and entertaining in Austin, TX.

So, here comes Jess with a desire to stretch the dollar and need for me to be her accomplice. We began the morning of Christmas Eve, when, I have to admit, I was thinking that if this went horribly wrong, there was no way to fix it for several days and it could potentially ruin our entire holiday.

The root of the problem!

We went with a new product, Clairol Perfect 10. She knew a co-worker who had great success with the product, so a personal testimony made the difference. You can see in the pictures where we started on our path toward fabulousness. I am happy to report that it was extremely successful and I can now recommend the product! (Whew!) All disaster diverted…thank you Clairol!

Weapon of Choice

I still will not leave Esther, and, hopefully she will never leave her clientele to move back to Panama…may it never be! But, for those on a stricter budget…Perfect 10 works well!

One box gave complete coverage for one with
long, thick hair!


Gorgeous…all over!

Anyone else have a hair story you would like to share??


  1. BEAUTIFUL! I've toyed with the idea of coloring my hair, but to be honest, I'm too lazy to stay on top of it. You did a great job on your daughter's hair! It's funny, seems like everyone wants to go lighter, but sometimes darker hair is actually more striking. Did your daughter have grays? And this covered them up? BTW, thanks for the sweetest comments on my blog! You certainly fall into the BFF category in my book!!! ~Serene

  2. Beautifully done! Looks great 🙂

    I'd never dare do someone elses hair. I used to dye my own and thanks to some fatal errors no hair dresser would touch my hair for a couple of years after (so severe was the damage I'd done) but it all worked out in the end 😉

  3. The color is fabulous!
    Great job
    Too scared to do my own.
    I think I have psychological hair problems from the at home perm my mom gave me a million years ago.

  4. Great Job !!!!
    i ALWAYS color mu own hair 🙂
    ( i am a cheapo ) and i have used Perfect 10 before as well!
    It worked almost too well, as I donned a dark ash brown ( which all the 'in' stylists say AGES you , poo-poo ).
    It was almost black, so I hoped to wash it out to no avail. I ended up going to Sally's and getting some 10 volume something-or-other to wash it down a bit. that worked!
    I did like the comb and my hair is also long and it covers well 😉
    I wouldn't hesitate to use it again, however I have some Nice n Easy on the counter right now to cover my greys as it was on sale.
    ( i usually get whatever is on sale…..
    also I like Natural instincts.
    My hair is prone to turn red, so i go for cooler/ashe tones.

  5. nice story. i have no problem doing my own one-color process. however, i used to work at a salon years ago and did all kinds of crazy things to my hair from scary to cool. but the most fun would be when i had thick blue and red hilights. sounds scary, but it was tastefully done, i promise!


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