The Inspiration!

I needed to meet two former students at La Madeleine this morning for brunch and I woke up in a fashion fog!

Nothing was jumping out at me until my eye caught this page in a recent Coldwater Creek catalog. I was drawn to the length of the white shirt thinking, “That will hide a multitude of sins…” and I knew I had all of the components to mimic such and outfit.

When I first put everything on, I was beyond bummed. I looked even bigger than I am! How could that be! I immediately began to scold myself for not working harder to lose the weight. For being an embarrassment to all females everywhere….for having the biggest hips in Texas… for too much Christmas candy and cookies…when it occurred to me that maybe the length of the shirt was a detriment to a body shape like mine and NOT a help as I originally thought.

That is when I began to tweak the catalog look….instead of a black T, I went with a purple one; I put on a shorter white collared shirt; and instead of solid black pants, I went with a wide leg, pin stripe. I was amazed at how this look was slimming…really just by shortening the shirt.

Copying a look is so often how we learn about personal style; but, it is important to modify the look for your own body type. All of us tend to berate ourselves when clothes do not fit or look like a picture when it is not us…just the clothes and the fit!

Though feeling very “hot,” I still ordered smart at brunch…(I highly recommend the Smart Choice Omelets with spinach, onions, tomatoes, and fat free, cholesterol free eggs!!)

Two future business stars and my brunch dates!!!

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