True Confessions: My Secret Relationship With Pearls

For the first part of my life, pearls were just something my mother wore to church. But all of that changed the summer of my 18th birthday!

I was excited to be hired in the merchandising department at AstroWorld theme park in Houston, which, by the way, no longer exists! The park was strategically located near the Astrodome, one of the wonders of the world….now embarrassed by JerryWorld in Dallas. But, I digress.

They dressed me in an oriental costume and placed me in an outdoor booth called The Pearl Cove, near a lagoon and a loud speaker screaming Chinese tunes all day long…(.I still hear that music in my sleep.)

I fished oysters out of a tank for customers; opened them; and if they paid “only $9.99” more, would make a necklace or ring with the pearls.

The best part of this job was finding the pearls. Sometimes the oyster would have one really large pearl; sometimes up to 16 pearls; sometimes they were black; and sometimes they were blue. But, always they were beautiful.

Other than that, the allure of this occupation wore off quickly after several soakings in Houston rain and one time actually gluing a ring to my thumb that I was working on for a customer. The glue we used was permanent and I lost some skin in this deal.

This is a long story to say, I have loved pearls ever since then…they are timeless, classy and feminine!!

I was so excited when Reva asked me to join other bloggers in a celebration of pearls! Check these gorgeous ladies out!


  1. love your pearl story
    i got my first real pearls in college
    i wore them everyday, with everything, including my pink and green sweats

    lived in Houston for 3 years… understand the weather conditions completely. Isn't it sad the Astroworld is no more

  2. Black pearls are my favorite but I've always been partial to these lustrous orbs. Even when dressing as a "downtown" girl I made room for (costume) pearls in my jewelry box. They are classics, and best yet they hold such a wondrous light and softness that moves me in ways diamonds can not.

    The ladies look gorgeous, as do you!
    -Bella Q

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