You Are Invited to Tea….

Christmas Tea

It’s time to set the table

Of all my finest wares

The china cups, the pot by Spode

For Christmas Tea is near.

I’ll bake traditional cookies

Icing each one with such care

Flecks of sugar fall like snow

For Christmas Tea is near.

The candles burning brightly

Sounds of Silver Bells, I hear

Twinkling lights fill the room

For Christmas tea is near

The invitations went to many,

Hopefully none left out, I fear

There are ladies from around the world

To know Christmas tea is near

We meet each day to share our thoughts

Throughout the blogosphere

We’ll wear our finest winter clothes

When Christmas tea is here.

                                                                                                   -Pam Lutrell, (2010)


My invitation is to illustrate a point…the joys and frustrations of blogging.

Blogging has become a continuing conversation that I have with friends every day. Some are there faithful to return as Christmas itself and some are new, happy to stop by for an introduction. But just as all women go to the restroom in pairs, blogging is an activity where you are rarely alone.

The frustration, however, is that this is a faceless meeting. Oh, I know I see their faces every day on their own blogs, but it is faceless in the sense that I cannot see how they react to something I say or how they are really feeling that day, that moment. Frustration comes so often when I long for a conversation to go further and hunger to ask questions and know more. These are friendships with an impenetrable wall.

I tell young journalists a great reporter will not ask questions through email…but will insist that an interview be face to face, because often it is the face and not the words that tell the real story.

So, ladies, dear friends, know this day that I long to host a virtual tea party and you all are invited. We will sit and sip on English Breakfast Tea and eat Christmas cakes and talk and talk and talk without the constraints of a message box wall.

Just for fun….what would you wear to tea?


  1. Hi Pam !!!
    I would wear something floral and girly (probably a dress and of course a hat 😉
    PS, I goofed and need your images again 😉
    Please send them this way:
    my retroreva account is all wonky.
    It usually works fine, but we are in the process of changing them all over, so it is giving me fits. I have your images, but my computer won't 'save' them from the address.
    strangeness !!!

  2. I missed this yesterday!! Hmm..what would I wear to tea? I've never been to tea! Maybe a cute floral dress and heels? And of course, my pearls!

  3. I have felt the same many times… How I would love a good get together and a long "chinwag".
    I would wear clothes to inspire, and my open mind and heart for tea.
    Un abrazo fuerte

  4. And I do love a good cup of tea.
    There are so many blogger friends from around the world I would love to meet, and am grateful for my chance to get to know them virtually.

    Twitter I suppose is more live time response, like a cuppa and a chat, but it's noisy too. A lot of nothing tends to get said. That said ha ha: twitter: @citizenrosebudz

    I would doll up for sure if I were to visit for tea. Some platform wedges so I could ride my bike in the rain, and under my raincoat a lace skirt and a frilly top. Perhaps I'd wear one of my facinator hats, the one with the cherry as it seems a bit Eccentric English which goes great with a scone and some Earl Grey.

  5. Pam–I really do wish I could come for tea. I would dress up for it, but at this moment I have on grandma jeans, a holey t-shirt, my running shoes and my grandpa sweater. I would bring gingerbread muffins.

  6. Pam~Can you go to the blogger meet up in March in LV? Would love to meet all my friends–soon! I email and FB with Serene and Terri–but am still dying for a face meet….
    Wear? Something really unconventional. Bring? An ikebana flower arrangement!

  7. I'd wear a pink tutu, just because I could. And, I'd love to have a virtual tea with you some day! I'll grab a mug and then leave a comment as I'm sipping!

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