Cardigan: Simply Vera from Kohl’s; Trench: Espirit
from Ross; Scarf: I think Sears, it’s old; Pinstripes:
Lane Bryant; Liz Clairborne Boots: Marshall’s

In the past, my closet has been stuffed with a conglomeration of “WELL,MAYBE?……” Over 50 years old, and I am just now learning that “Well, MAYBE?…” most often ends up in a donation pile.

I feel like I am a better steward of my money, if I wait until I look in the mirror and say, “Oh Yeah, fierce!”

After I began my makeover seven years ago, I had to use this as a guideline for deciding what to buy and what to keep of my current purchases. I have learned that in order for this to hold true that I must do the following:

1. Never shop in a hurry…unless I have the time to return the items after I look closer at home.

2. ALWAYS take time to try it on.

3. Be aware of great fit.

4. Be careful with trends…do I really have the courage it takes to pull off a particular look

5. Ask myself if I will get extended wear out of the item…will it work for the classroom, church, evening out, fun…how much mileage will it give me.

This cardigan makes me feel fierce! I love the feel of the knit…I love the fit of the sweater on me…I love the color (PURPLE is rarely a mistake) and I love the bling on the pockets. It even matches my bebe specs…progressive lens for the tired eyes! 

My caution today is: Beware of the “Well, Maybes!”…you will save

a lot of time and money!

Now, Da da da daaaaaa(drum roll, please)
Pantone announced today, the 2011 Color of
the Year!
(I immediately envisioned a creamy white, or ivory or even yellow, but NOOO)
Look at this!
I really love the color!

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