I wrote recently about antiquated fashion rules that sometimes get into our 50+ heads…well for me another one has been: DON’T WEAR BRIGHT,COOL COLORS IN WINTER MONTHS.

I have to constantly remind myself that this is NOT a fashion faux pas any longer.  Today, I was tired of the suits I have been wearing and just wanted to be a little trendy and casual.  So, of course, I grabbed the denim trousers and this grey cardigan I bought last summer at Marshall’s.  But, this outfit is all about the accessories. I knew I wanted to wear this scarf, (which could be used to hypnotize people in a psychiatric clinic)…but I worked with the jewelry a really long time.

The blue in my watch caught my eye and I thought, “Yuck, I can’t wear that blue because it is not hot weather.”  But a little voice inside began to debate the why nots.  I finally went with the turquoise colored jewelry and…. glad that I did. 

I know we have the freedom to go without those old rules, but it is a mindset ingrained into me for years that I sometimes have to intentionally break!  Where did these rules come from?  Any ideas?

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