Where Did The Fashion Rules Come From?

I wrote recently about antiquated fashion rules that sometimes get into our 50+ heads…well for me another one has been: DON’T WEAR BRIGHT,COOL COLORS IN WINTER MONTHS.

I have to constantly remind myself that this is NOT a fashion faux pas any longer.  Today, I was tired of the suits I have been wearing and just wanted to be a little trendy and casual.  So, of course, I grabbed the denim trousers and this grey cardigan I bought last summer at Marshall’s.  But, this outfit is all about the accessories. I knew I wanted to wear this scarf, (which could be used to hypnotize people in a psychiatric clinic)…but I worked with the jewelry a really long time.

The blue in my watch caught my eye and I thought, “Yuck, I can’t wear that blue because it is not hot weather.”  But a little voice inside began to debate the why nots.  I finally went with the turquoise colored jewelry and…. glad that I did. 

I know we have the freedom to go without those old rules, but it is a mindset ingrained into me for years that I sometimes have to intentionally break!  Where did these rules come from?  Any ideas?


  1. Fashion rules and their origin? I had never heard of the blue rule you were speaking of so maybe some are regional. Most of us learn rules from our mom's or grandmom's. Glad to see you breaking away from them–most of them don't make any sense!
    I love the hynotic capabilites of that scarf! Looks great with the outfit too! You look smashing~

  2. I like muted winter colors, in the appropriate fabric, up to Christmas. After that I like to move brighter in hopes that it'll speed the return of the sun.

    I haven't heard of that rule either. I wonder if the climate drives it? Is there more use of color to desiginate season in a climate where the temperature is more moderate?

  3. I personally believe that someone YEARS ago had way too many opinions (and too much time on their hands) and created rules based upon what they did or didn't like.

    I really love the turquoise and purple together, that's a great combination!

  4. That scarf is just FABULOUS!! Isn't it crazy how we get caught up in "rules" about dressing? I have certainly found myself being tangled in a web of rules. It certainly seems like we're supposed to save bright colors for spring and neutrals for winter. I'm tickled to see that you've let go of the rules and broke out the brights! You look stunning!! ~Serene

  5. You go, girl! I'm wearing a big ole' turquoise & silver necklace right now, even though our temperature was in single digits this morning. Rules schmules, that's what I say.

    Love the outfit. Great silhouette, and I love the funky/fun, yet pulled-together vibe of the cardigan, jeans, and scarf. Whoot!

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