Black Turtleneck: Gap
Jacket: Coldwater Creek
Pinstiped Trouser: Lane Bryant
Necklace: Chicos

Let me confess up front….I’m not a fan of turtlenecks. I always felt like they were choking me and actually made me appear larger than I am. I much prefer a V neck sweater..or cowl…or boatneck. But, I have allowed this black turtleneck to hang around my closet for over 15 years and I usually wear it at least once a winter….I tried to change one year and bought thrift turtlenecks in many colors…which eventually went right back to thrift.

Researching the history of the turtleneck, did not endear me to mine at all. Any fashion statement that was originally worn by dock workers should be suspect from the beginning! The dark “seaman” look is really not all that attractive. But I will concede…occasionally, the classic black turtleneck can have its place and serve its purpose.

I do not ascribe to the one site I found which said,

Clothes Women Should Never Wear

From Turtlenecks to Tapered Pants, Styles That Don’t Suit Your Shape

Never say never. Depending on how you style turtlenecks…I think they can suit your shape but it requires pairing them with a great jacket!! Nevertheless, this is probably my one time for this winter…but, never say never!!

Seychelles Flats: Marshalls

This has been an exciting week for me as I began on the San Antonio Express News website and now have been chosen as one of Independent Fashion Bloggers Links a-la-mode
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