Last night was a long, hard night…much stress in our home right now related to, of all things, sports!! If you look closely at my pictures, you can tell the smile is forced and teeth clenched. But, I will save that discussion for someone else.

Sometimes when I wake up in a bad mood, my inspiration for that day’s look is at the bottom of the bucket! So, I went to the handy clippings file to find a look I could mimic.

Above is another page from a Coldwater Creek catalog. I looked at it and thought….I have that in my closet….the rewards of a recent purge and serious organization moment are that currently I easily know what is in that closet!

Boyfriend Jacket & black sweater: Lane Bryant
Coldwater Creek Jeans
Boots: Ross
Nine West Scarf: Marshalls
Pink Coral Bracelet: Stein Mart
Pink Coral, brown shell, and pearl earrings: Chicos

The catalog features another boyfriend jacket. I first fell in love with this masculine style years ago when I noticed it in movies like vintage Katharine Hepburn and the last apartment scene of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.

Saw the scarf at Marshall’s one day for $12…hesitated…
went back a week longer and bought it for $5!!  It is
one of my favorites.

The boyfriend jacket style is a little controversial for us curvy gals…some think it is slimming, some think it adds on weight much as any oversized garment does. I happen to like this one from Lane Bryant and believe it is slimming. I think even though it goes past the hips that the seaming and proper fit gives it a slimming affect. My jeans are actually new from Coldwater Creek…purchased for half price…and I have always thought the darker denim, trouser jean is slimming. Finally, the long Nine West scarf is elongating and gives a slimming look…..HEY, I JUST LOST ABOUT 20 POUNDS WITHOUT DOING ANYTHING!

I think I will reward myself with a little Dove Dark Chocolate Square…you know, the day wasn’t as bad as it began!!

Clenched teeth this morning, but I feel better now!

Mrs. Joy models her jacket with great seaming as well…the seams make such a difference!

The Front

The back seams…she looked great!

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