The rule I am about to throw out
the window is the old one which said
don’t wear silver with gold or mix
your metals!  Now, any mix goes

I had a whole different strategy for today’s post until I read what Serene had to say at

I would like to encourage you to check out her 80s post and then come back here, because she got me to thinking about “freedom” and fashion.

I was wondering the other day why it is that at 58 I enjoy fashion so much more than any other time of my life. I am larger than I used to be…..still way short of funds for the nicer clothes….I am definitely grayer and with more wrinkles…so why exactly is it more fun now.

There go those rules!!

After reading Serene today, it hit me. I have freedom. Now mind you, the freedom was always there….I just didn’t buy into it. In my 20s & 30s, I dressed to impress employers and men! After I was married, I dressed to please a man. After I had children, I dressed to gain the acceptance of the other moms parenting my children’s friends. Those days were particularly stressful because those moms (coming from private schools) were predominantly wealthy and I had no business attempting to play that game.

But, now, I dress for me…..and I am having a great time! I set the rules for me….I do what pleases me…I learn to follow what best suites me. While that may sound a little self- focused, I think what is important here is that I am not worrying about pleasing other people (even Bloggers) and there is great joy inside that concept. Fashion is finally fun! There are many things I will not do…but I know those things are not right for me; and, I no longer do what I think others want me to do just to gain acceptance.

Wow, it is freedom….and so much fun!

Mixed metal hoops: Stein Mart

I found this necklace last year at a boutique in San Antonio.  I am wearing it
with a Coldwater Creek tweed jacket of gray & green; black Lane Bryant sweater; Lane
Bryant pin striped pants; and boots from Ross!

“Jewelry takes people’s minds off your wrinkles.”

 Sonja Henie quotes ( ice skater and Actress, 1912-1969)

……….now that’s a great quote!!

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