Priority Number 7: Meet SomeONE New Every Day!

Just like snowflakes, we are created to be unique, individual….there is only ONE of each of us! When you hold snow in your mitten or glove, you can stare at the delicate, creative touch which is never repeated and it is the same feeling as staring into the faces we see day after day. So special….only one. So, in honor of 1-11-11, I celebrate the number ONE.

In 2011, I pledge to meet a new person every day either on the blogs or in my community. Because there is no better way to celebrate life than to actively seek it out on a daily basis.

Uniquely me: 
Pants, no-iron shirt, scarf: Coldwater Creek
Sweater:  Dana Buchman, Kohls
Silver Cuff Bracelet: Avenue
Vintage Ring: Mom

What I am growing more and more to love each day about the blogosphere, are all of the beautiful, specially designed one of a kind individuals! Each has a story or a point of view to impart….something that only they can tell. I hope to find these stories every day of this year. ONE is a manageable number; therefore, this should be an attainable goal.

As I wrote this, I found myself humming Three Dog Night’s song “One”……really a sad song….but I believe the Number One should be celebrated. There is NO ONE like me!

Just a note:  The shirt and scarf were purchased last year at this time when Coldwater Creek runs their 65% off specials…some of the best purchases I have made!!
Also,  Saturday is hair day….until then, I really should wear a HAT!


  1. I love that shirt with the ruffle detail on the sleeve
    Love that you belted it as well
    One new person a day. Wow you will have 365 new friends by the end of the year.
    Go for it!

  2. Years ago when I got divorced, I read a book about dating called The Rules. While I did not necessarily agree with the entire book, I came out of it with this wonderful statement, "I am an amazing and unique creature, unlike any other". You're right! There's no one like each of us and everyone has a fascinating story. I'm thankful that I have a job that allows me to meet new and wonderful people everyday and a blog that allows me to do the same! HUGS! ~Serene

  3. I am so impressed Pam, you are mixing patterns and colors now! And looking good! Love that blouse; your hair looks great–so I don't know what you are talking about!
    Its been wonderful making new friends blogging–and you are one of them. Paula

  4. Love the scarf!

    I meet new people nearly every day, in my line of work. But the majority of them, I would not choose to make a part of my life lol!

    I love my new blog friends, though.

  5. Love the whole outfit (the red scarf is the star!). You always have such an upbeat attitude and it is a pleasure to read your blog, not just look at your outfits.

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