Fashion blogs have given me a desire to be more fun…more fashion forward…more creative…more bohemian!

But, like it or not, I am a role model to many teens and budding young journalists on a daily basis. Therefore, I must find a way to balance my “inner Cher” with my everyday life as a teacher.

In 2011, I have to remember that I must maintain a professional, confident, strong appearance. I do not have to do this every day, but there are many days that the situations I face demand it. If you look in the pictures taken from my desk, you can see the headlines on the board are serious ones from this past weekend. It is my job to teach students how a big story is handled from the inside out. There are days this is not a pleasant task as was today. Like it or not, sometimes our look determines how seriously we are taken in our profession. Occasionally, an authoritative look is needed.  While I wanted to wear something more exciting today, I knew this morning I had to take the more conservative route.  My 2011 pledge is to make sure
that I continue to take those days seriously.

Jacket & pants: Lane Bryant
Silver Sweater: Stien Mart
Boots: Marshall’s
Scarf & Earrings:  Simply Vera @ Kohls

While I want to be more fun this year with style, I cannot forget these professional days are necessary and I know from experience there will be more of them.

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