I’ve been reading about Anna Wintour, the Editor In Chief of Vogue, in a Jerry Oppenheimer biography titled Front Row. To say that she is a complex personality is an understatement. While I cringe over the way she treated people and changed men like  clothing, there are some parts of Ms. Wintour’s makeup which I respect.

In order to be the leader in the multi-million dollar fashion industry, Ms. Wintour displayed a tough, disciplined work ethic and much original creativity. It is still amazing that she made it to where she is today when she treated so many people like bugs to be squashed. This tells me that obviously the diligence, creativity, connections, and impeccable taste trumps the way you treat your team….or does it in the long run! Will she one day be the very lonely, former EIC of Vogue? Time will tell.

I went to my closet seeking a Vogue look and found this jacket I have not worn for two years! I think the collar has a fashion forward Vogue touch to it!! I would have paired it with a pencil skirt and dark hose if I had not faced a very long day yesterday, so I went for the pinstriped trouser instead with a comfortable boot! The sunglasses, of course, are very Anna Wintour (Oppenheimer reports that she has horrible eyesight and the sunglasses are special prescription so that she can see; however, many people believe it is completely an intimidation factor)!

Lane Bryant, Head to Toe

For some of my favorite quotes from the book, just go to the new page called NOTES ABOUT ANNA!

My Anna Look…Intimidating?
The Pam-Look!!!  Smiling, but unfortunately
NOT EIC of Vogue!

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