Enjoying the Company of Sweaters

Scarf: Gift
Cardigan: Dress Barn
Blouse &; Jeans: Coldwater
Shoes: Clearance..don’t
remember the store

It’s still cold here…and I realize it is not near the cold that some of you are enduring… I confess, we are wimps…not used to it at all. So there is much whining going on!!

However, I on the other hand love seasonal changes. I do not like weather to be constantly the same and a little refreshing cold sometimes is just what we need down here to add a pinch of spice to life. I also like variety in clothes. My coats and sweaters will be put away soon enough. Like a friend stopping by for a visit they will leave when the sun returns, so for now I want to enjoy every minute with them.

Scarf was made in Nepal!

 Today I am celebrating a sweater look with lots of color! Color will keep your mind off of the dreary weather and hopefully looking toward spring. I also loved Mrs. Joy’s sweater today so I coaxed her from behind the camera to the front! It’s doctor visit-weigh in- get my Vitamin B 12 shot day! Will give you an update tomorrow!! Stay Warm everyone!

She looked chic!

Bought them on clearance and I really think
they made this outfit!

What I’ve Learned About Winter Weather This Year:

1. Don’t loan all of your gloves to your daughter who lives in
another city.
2. Check the chimney for blockages BEFORE you light
the fire.
3. Don’t spray window washer fluid on the car window in
20 degree weather
4.  The seat warmer on my HONDA is amazing and does not bring on a hot flash as I was first told by a female!!


  1. I am in NY – we have BRRRR temps right now. I had to comment, my hubby's car has heated seats and I openly covet them. LOVE it!

    Oh, and I love those shoes, too. 🙂

  2. Wow Pam I love your look, the flats I am dying for, as you say it is all in the way we put ourselves together. I love layering a earring and scarf just make it!

    Do come enter my amazing giveaway from Splenderosa!

    Art by Karena

  3. That reminds me of when my ex-husband and I lived on the first floor of a two-story apartment and had firefighters come to our door late one night…because apparently there was a leak in the chimney and we spoked our upstairs neighbors out of their apartment! We felt awful but it wasn't our fault the chimney had a leak.

    I love these bright colors on you and that scarf is fantastic!

  4. Oh, my, do I love that scarf! Sweater looks nice too. Even though I complain and dream of the tropics, I wouldn't want the same weather all year long, either. Fashion boredom would set in!

  5. Those shoes are adorable!!
    Thanks for letting me know what the pattern on your scarf was. I have no idea why the thought of a super hero popped into my head and wouldn't leave
    seat warmer-amazing!!

  6. Amazing shoes! And I think you're right: they make your outfit. Love the scarf too. I'm all for color especially to brighten up long winter days.
    Your comment made me smile. Thank you! The shoes are very-very comfortable!!! I did not want to take them off! I have several pairs of wedge heels and find them most comfortable shoes. I wear flip-flops (in the summer) and flats a lot too of course! Can't go wrong with ballet flats, especially something like your amazing find.

  7. Ha, the sweat warmers make a BIG difference in the car. I've been dressing in layers all week, although tomorrow promises to be warmer.

    Admiring the bright red sweater.

  8. I loooove butt-warmers, but my car is too cheap to have them.

    And that Napalese scarf needs to come live at my house. She would have lots of lovely roommates!

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