The name of our high school
newspaper is The Revelation, but I
love the fact that ELATION is above my head!
Facing the day with JOY is a must!!
Back to business:
Blouse: Lane Bryant
Cardigan: Chicos
Liz Clairborne Skirt: Macy’s
Shoes: Marshalls

Back in the 1980s, for a short time I was one of the judges for the Miss Texas/USA Pageant circuit. (Ok, I know you are looking at my picture and thinking HER???…I haven’t always looked this way guys!) There were some things about this position that I loved….elegant hotels & exquisite restaurants were at the top of the list….but the actual job was always so stressful to me. Narrowing a group of really impressive young ladies down to just one was tough. I guess I have a heart for losers! My criteria for selection were so different from the other judges…but I suppose that is why they have a panel and not just three.

While rewards are great and recognition food for creativity, I am going to join with Terri at and sit out the Friend Friday award nominations. I have been motivated, educated, and touched by so many bloggers for different reasons and I could never begin to narrow them down to ten or place them in categories. Once again, my criteria would be so different from others. I love looking at the nominations on other sites, however, and encourage you to do just that.

When I judged pageants, I was looking for an intelligent spokesperson more than a beauty queen. On the blogs, I follow women whose style encompasses more than clothing…..there are so many out there and I hope to recognize them in different ways as I go forward!!

GREAT NEWS: If the interview doesn’t get postponed, I am scheduled to meet with an amazing woman tomorrow and I look forward to sharing her life with all of you!!

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