Droopy Pants and Stacy London

Lane Bryant Jacket
Simply Vera Top: Kohl’s
Bracelets: Avenue
Earrings:  Stein Mart

While watching WHAT NOT TO WEAR last night, one of Stacy London’s outfits caught my attention.

When shopping with the woman hiding behind clown outfits (trust me that was the story line), Stacy wore a simple black blazer, skinny black pants, and a T shirt sporting a  graphic design of white, black, and silver gray. My thoughts immediately went to a Simply Vera T I purchased last year at KOHL’S and have worn  only twice.

So, Stacy became my inspiration for today’s look. Though she is more than likely a size 0-2, and I….well, we don’t need to go there… I feel like I have captured in this look what I liked about her style on TV. This morning my scales delivered the good news that I am down 16 pounds…let’s hear a cheer…and as you can see my new Coldwater Creek dark denims that I got for Christmas are quickly getting too big….I may be forced to go shopping. But it is difficult to know exactly when to shop, because I want to lose a lot more weight. I may have to go to skirts for a longer period of time…while I work through the pants issue. My perception is that it would be easier to find more reasonably priced skirts and dresses while I wait on the bottom portion.

My droopy drawers are not Stacy’s skinny pants
but I am on my way…watch out London!

I just do not have a great amount of discretionary income, so it is hard to know exactly when to shop when in the midst of a weight loss program. Any recommendations?????


I really want to get to know those of you have become so faithful to follow and comment on this blog. Therefore, I am going to begin now to occasionally respond to your comments. So, start checking back for my responses and to see if you would like to keep a conversation going!!

Gigi looked so fabulous today I just had to
post her look!!


  1. Oh my goodness…not only do you look amazing, but you're down 16 pounds too?! WOW!!! Congratulations, lady! That's fantastic and it has to be such a great feeling! I'm super proud of you. Have you heard about Collette's (Statements in Fashion) new Weight Loss support group for fashion bloggers that she started up this week? You should check it out! I'm still trying to get my yahoo account together so that I can join but hopefully that'll get taken care of today or tomorrow.

    And for what it's worth – I try to respond to comments by emailing the commentor or if they don't have an email, by commenting on their blog. If you want to respond directly to their comments on your post, I've heard a lot of people like using the Disqus commenting system. 🙂

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  2. I love everything Stacey London wears on that show. She always looks so cute and chic. They dress her in the most beautiful dresses too. I want them to dress me!

    You captured her look perfectly. I love it. And congrats on the weight loss.


  3. I think you look fab hunnie…Im soooo proud of you for the 16 pounds thusfar!!! Now thats 64 sticks of butter babay……way to go!!

    I thought for every 8 pounds I would go down a pant size..not true….I really started buying new clothes the last ten pounds of my weight loss….you are lookin fine girl:)

    I agree with Melissa on the Disqus commenting….its definitely the way to go if you want to keep conversations going throughout the thread….you can respond directly back to the poster:)

  4. Thanks for the encouragment all!! Melissa, I joined Collette's yahoo group the minute she posted it!! I really need a support system that my doctor diet doesn't provide so this is perfect!
    Tracy…wouldn't it be great to have someone dress us like Stacy does??? I always love her clothes! I thought of you when I selected the Simply Vera shirt out of my closet.
    Collette: I will check out Disqus…sometimes I am so technologically illiterate that it drives me nuts…but I will see if I get it! I have a couple of questions coming your way later on yahoo!

  5. Pam, well done on your 16 lbs, that is amazing! I am a WW leader and I congratulate you in your journey. 🙂 When I was losing weight, I did a biggish shop midway through (when I had lost 25 lbs of the 50 I eventually lost), and filled in a lot of gaps. I did wear a lot of skirts (bought them a bit tight in the waist, then wore them lower on my hips as I lost weight).

    I love Stacy's clothes too – she always looks great. I love how they've been accentuating her grey streak in her hair lately too.

  6. Shelia…thanks for the clothing advice. Between you and Collette, I think I will hold up longer and try to drop some more pounds before I look to shop. I've always liked the fact that Stacy is so confident of herself that she keeps the gray streak!!
    Jamie…My friend Gigi lost 40 pounds on the same diet I am on. That's why she looks so great! She is the one that convinced me to do this…you can do it too! Think about it!

  7. congrats on the 16lbs! that is fabulous! i love that you took inspiration from someone's outfit (stacy's) and made it work with items in your closet…i always tell my clients to pull pictures of outfits they love…they can always be re-created at any budget…and usually from items they already have…
    for you…as you are slipping down in size…i would look for items with a little bit of spandex/lycra…that will move with you as you lose weight…they have some incredible slacks and skirts with a little bit of lycra…have at least one great pant and/or skirt…that fits you…and work around that with great tops & blazers…your tops/sweater/blazers are easier to adjust as you are losing weight…by adding a belt…
    looking foward to reading more of your blog…btw…love the title…i'm not yet 50…so can i say over40feeling 30?

  8. Linda…Gigi & i both are doing a doctor regulated diet called HCG…where we have hormone supplements and get a weekly Vitamin B12/Amino Acid shots. I knew that I needed something healthy to get me jump started on a new way of living and eating. So far, this seems to be working….I read many cases of people who did this and kept the weight off.
    Elena…thanks for the clothing suggestions..I am taking them all to heart and of course, I love a over40feeling30 woman!!
    Joy…Gigi's style and new fun smaller clothes are one of the things that keep me going!!!

  9. Woot Woot! way to go! 16 lbs is amazing!
    I, on the other hand, am gaining gaining this winter! Need to reverse it before I reverse all of the hard work I put into losing weight a year ago!
    I saw that crazy clown episode. The clown turned out looking so amazingly wonderful! The makeup was especially striking!
    Ps. thanks for checking in on me. Glad you could see me in your list today! I'm pretty sure the problem was that I had been postdating entries!

  10. Congrats on the weight loss! I tend to keep my big pants until I'm absolutely swimming in them… I really prefer the feeling of baggy pants, they're just nnot in style anymore. So I kinda cheat. I know it doesn't look the greatest, but I tell myself it just looks like I've lost weight!

  11. Hi Pam….what type of weight loss regimen are you on? You are doing wonderfully! I suppose it doesn't include cookies? You might want to buy some less droopy pants at a thrift store, then you won't feel so bad when they no longer fit.

  12. WOW, 16 POUNDS, That is so wonderful, I think I would cry (happy tears) if I could loose that much, but then again I am not trying, so it is all my fault. I love "what Not To Wear" but they have really messed me up by moving to Tuesdays, I am going to have to have my daughters set it up on our regular watch list.

    Wnyway, congrats, you look great, but then again, you always do!

  13. sorry, I meant to say how much I love black blazer with a tee and casual pants. Add some super cute shoes you're good to go! I like the fact that you can wear fancy jewelry with that look and still look someone casual. Like you graphic tee (I too love Simply Vera!) but it could work even with a plain white tee (or any solid color for that matter). With a graphic tee it has more character of course! Well done, Pam. You look great!

  14. Once again…thank you for all for your support for the blog and the diet. I go to the doctor today for the OFFICIAL weigh in…so I will know if her figures match up with mine.
    Maya…I did WW several years ago and it is a great diet. Collette is a wonderful testimony of that…come on board…and
    Lesa…I want to encourage you as well. I feel so much better…healthier..more energetic…you can do it..join our yahoo chat group.
    Johanna…your words are so kind…thank you

  15. Congratulations! You look absolutely amazing!! I love how the tee makes the outfit a bit more playful. You look great!

    As for buying clothes, I tried to alter my pants as much as possible until I hit my goal, but you could always buy one or two pairs when you are halfway there to boost your confidence (there's nothing like the feeling of buying clothes several sizes smaller!) and keep your clothes from being too baggy.
    Tops usually aren't that bad – you can always belt them if they get too loose. 🙂

  16. Pam, sorry I've been a no show for a few days. I am catching up on your posts! Regarding when to purchase….hmmm….I would buy a basic pair of pants in the size you are now, preferably with some lycra in them. I'd also wear alot of skirts. It seems that when people lose alot of weight, there is usually one or two sizes that they fly through. You're looking GREAT! I also saw your post on Wicked. I'm reading that book now, actually. It's really really good. I have always loved fairy tales, so it's cool to see a "take" on a classic tale. Huge Hug!!! ~Serene

  17. Congrats on the weight loss- weigh to go! ha ha. I say stick to skirts and dresses when your pants get to big, and then I'd turn some of those looser jeans into shorts in the summer….we'll have you dress the part of a skater boy yet.

  18. Congratulations on the weight loss. Yeah losing weight makes it tough to buy new clothes. You want to in order to celebrate your accomplishment but then you dont know how much more your gonna lose. Congratulations!

  19. I actually wore a black ensemble with a patterned tee to a casual wedding a year or so ago. It looks great on you. And how cool are those baggy britches.

  20. hoooray! you will definitely need to get a few new things to tide you over. i'm thinking some simple skirts would be easy to take in an inch or two when needed?? keep up the great job!!


  21. You mention Stacy London. I must become a reader of your blog. Clinton & Stacy are my heroes, I try to dress by their rules daily. I love them, and I speak of them in my blog frequently. I hope you come visit my blog. Speaking of Stacy and her size, in 2005 she teamed up with Clinton and wrote a book, and at that time she mentioned she was a size 4. I don't know if she's still a size 4 today or not. I think she looks the same? Here she is on the cover of that book:

    I really liked Stacy's outfit you mentioned. You look great in that look too!

  22. Hi, I am stopping by from Follow Friday. I am a new follower and wanted to say congrats on the weight loss.
    I saw Wicked about a year ago and enjoyed it so much I would go back again!

  23. Stacy London, who doesn't want to dress like her!?
    You did a great job here and kudos on the weight loss!!!
    Now I want to see you in a bright green striped shirt and lavender blazer so Clinton can feel the love too! 🙂

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