Stylin in the Grocery….Part II (Including What I Bought)

UNIQUE. It’s the best word to describe Dessie’s Boutique owners, Thaddaeus and Colette. Everything about these two superwomen is UNIQUE.

“We have always wanted to do things different,” said Colette. She went on to explain that they did not desire to open a New York or Dallas boutique, but a fabulous boutique with the big feel of Las Vegas. “We don’t want our customers to go other places and see themselves there. We want our place to be completely different from anywhere else.”

When the grocery store opportunity was presented to these ladies, it just felt right. They knew that ladies do not have a lot of time on their hands, and to offer one-stop-shopping might be appealing. They were right…it has been appealing and surprisingly enough, it is not a place of cheap fare. Colette said, “Our customers know quality and beauty. They recognize they are getting a good deal for top of the line merchandise.”

“Today’s woman is not one dimensional,” said Thaddaeus when explaining why they have such a variety of merchandise in their small location. “She needs to look great no matter what the occasion. A pair of jeans can be made stylish.”

They only buy one of each piece of clothing they carry. “We want our customers to feel special, unique, and not see themselves on any other woman,” Thaddaeus said. “Who wants to look like someone else?” She told me that as I posted pictures of their clothing, it would soon be gone, and no one else in San Antonio would have another one. But, she does encourage customers to come tell them what they like and their needs, and she can track down a UNIQUE look just for them.

Thaddaeus on styling:

1. Be yourself. Dress for you. Not anyone else. Don’t ever try to be just like others. Find ways to be UNIQUELY YOU.
2. Always dress and look good. You will feel better about yourself.
3. Your clothes need to move with you.
4. No matter what your size, dress up and learn what is flattering on your body. She carries clothing from size 4-32 and encourages all women to look their best no matter the size.
5. HAVE COURAGE! Be the one to start the trend, not follow it. “I have so many ladies say they wish that women wore hats again,” Williams said. “So, I say, you wear one, and I guarantee others will!” Enjoy life with some bling! Don’t stay drab, boring, or invisible. “Men may not always notice what you are doing, but girlfriends always do!” Modeling taught Williams to live outside of her box. “Our fashion shows were real events. We did a show for the Big Game Hunters Association and we all had to be made up like animals with hair and makeup. We did crazy, wonderful things.”
6. She also learned to appreciate quality modeling for Frost Brothers and working in New York. Though it was forty years ago, she loved the richness of Halston and Valentino; and the theatrics of Yves St. Laurent. “When I buy for other women, I look for designer quality, because I have been raised to know what it is,” she said.
7. Locally, she keeps the climate in mind when she is buying for the shop and special events; such as, the upcoming Fiesta celebration.
8. Over 50 women don’t have to look like “older” women. You can be sexy and respectable. You will look younger when you do too.

Unfortunately, customer service is UNIQUE to some businesses this day and time, and it is a key component of the success at Dessie’s Boutique. But, the crème de la crème perhaps are the shopping bags. Colette hand paints every single one and they are all different. She is the mother every other mother scoffed about, because when her children were in school, she would hand paint a different lunch bag every day! No two bags at the boutique are the same and she will even take special orders for special occasions.

Both ladies kept discussing how they needed more space. Yes, for merchandise, but I could also see a kitchen-type table and chairs as a boutique addition, because the conversation is rich! And that would also be UNIQUE!

What I bought at Dessie’s Boutique:
I bought this incredible multi-colored tunic!
My silk puple jacket: Chico’s
Blue cami & Bracelet: Lane Bryant
Jones of New York Trousers: Macys
Belt & Earrings: Stein Mart
Shopping Bag: One of a kind from
Dessie’s Boutique
Love the Colors!!! And I can easily wear this tunic for casual with


  1. Thank you for featuring me. That is really sweet of you. This boutique is such an amazing idea. I love that they have unique pieces, and such a great range of sizes. Thaddaeus gave really great styling advice. The key is being yourself, and wearing what you love.
    My Heart Blogged

  2. What a unique place.

    If you're going to have a shop someplace where gazillions of people will pass through it seems very smart to stock small quanitities of items.

    Nobody would want everybody to recognize this or that item as what they saw at the grocery store!

    I got a kick out of the painted lunch bags. Is it paint or watercolor marker? I used to use my stamps on my kids and my own lunch bags!

  3. Super cute top you got
    My grandmother used to take me shopping at this clothing boutique in our small town. I shopped there from age 0 to Soph in high school. When I was in about 8th grade I was trying on something and made the comment that I hadn't ever seen anyone wear something like that before. The owner said to me, " you need to set the trend not follow it!"
    That advice has stuck with me ever since.

  4. The tunic has so many beautiful colors in it and those shoes are cute, cute, cute. Love the idea of a kitchen table in a boutique!

  5. The tunic is gorgeous! It sounds like a lovely shopping experience. I gotta agree with Jucy C, it'd be a long commute from little ole TN, but we could sure use more boutique influence here.

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