Saying Goodbye with a GRRRRRR!

Leopard Blouse: Kohls
Jacket: Stein Mart
Trousers: Coldwater Creek
Boots: Ross

Shelia @ Ephemera recently pulled together a group of us to pay tribute to LEOPARD!! If you would like to walk through this jungle, just click on her site and you will have an instant safari.

I decided this was a great opportunity to say good bye to the fall/winter season of 2010/2011. The season began with two dominant trends of safari-style looks and lots of leopard everywhere. I purchased this CHAPS blouse at KOHL’s in late August after perusing through many fashion magazines. Honestly, it did not take convincing on my part, because I love an understated leopard look. The key for me is understated… I see so many over the top animal outfits!! I don’t want to worry about hunters following me around!

Earrings:  Avon!

Technically in Texas, the spring season begins late February /early March. Though we might have one or two more cold fronts, they will be minimal. Trees are budding again. So, good bye boots….good bye heavy jackets…good bye many long
sleeved blouses…and long sleeved jackets….and hello to SPRING!

Bracelet: Kohls
Watch: Favorite Resale Shop

A hush is over everything, Silent as women wait for love; The world is waiting for the spring.

Sara Teasdale

Gigi looks fabulous after weekend shopping
at Tuesday Morning…this great cardigan
was only $16!! 


  1. I have a few leopard things, and wouldn't you know it, but it is going out, and lace is coming in! Well, my leopard is staying until it warms up in Wisconsin!

  2. I LOVE leopard, too, but lately I've started adding a layer on top, just as you did, because I fear "cougar" jokes. I love how you styled it in that outfit!

    And yes, welcome, welcome to spring! It hasn't arrived where I am yet, but it's in my heart all the same. 🙂

  3. I adore that gold cuff – I am a huge lover of cuffs myself. And one would never suspect that came from Kohl's! It looks very expensive!


  4. I just got a very cute leopard pleated skirt. Can't wait to rock it soon. Your shirt is gorgeous. I was looking everywhere for a leopard shirt with bow tie but to no avail.

    Since my sister lives in San Antonio, I get to hear all about your weather. I'm so jealous of early Spring. But I'm off to Arizona in a couple weeks for some blazing hot sun. Woo hoo.


  5. you look great in that look! I can't believe you are putting away boots and such already! I don't put mine away for a while yet!

  6. Ooh my favorite pattern – you wear it well! 🙂 I can't wait to see what you pull out for spring – looking forward to putting my winter stuff away!

  7. LOL…I have that same blouse from Kohl's only in black, white and grey tones.
    I'm not ready to say goodbye to winter quite yet! Luckily, I'm in Colorado so we have a few more weeks (months, maybe).

  8. Pam, i love this outfit! i'm a huge fan of leopard…and safari…but never really combined the looks. works well together! second picture is grrreat!

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