Vera Wang & The Heart of a Bride

Vera Wang understands marketing. She understands that all women…no matter size…no matter income… want to look & feel beautiful. When she received a letter from a young bride requesting that someday Wang design an affordable line of wedding dresses, the designer says that it actually touched her heart.

Which brings us to last Friday; February 11 was the official debut of the Vera Wang (more affordable) line of wedding dresses at David’s Bridal shops around the country. My daughter received a call last week from a bridal consultant tipping her off to the debut, so she made one of the first appointments in San Antonio for the Vera Wang WHITE Collection . The entire line is stunning…classic femininity….unique, impeccable design…every dress is breathtaking and I believe the top of the line is $1400. Wang says, “I want to bring freedom to weddings. There are no rules for me. Color, fabrics, textures, architecture, femininity…all are blended together in unexpected ways in every one of my designs.”

Yes, we said “yes” to a Vera Wang gown. But, the one my daughter is wearing in this post is not it!! I wanted you to see this gown, because it is so fabulous. Jess was the first one to try it on at this David’s Bridal location and she literally stopped traffic in the store and brought managers from everywhere to see this gown. It fits so well and is incredibly gorgeous with a fully draped skirt of hand cut bias organza flanges and tulle which swirls into shapes of roses. It comes in Ivory and Soft White and is featured on the cover of the David’s Bridal Vera Wang brochure. It is a show- stopper gown. One consultant made a comment I really appreciated. She said, “Everyone at the wedding will be talking about this dress. But, if you want everyone to notice the bride, as well, then you might want to make a more subtle statement.” So, our statement is a bit more subtle and comes closer to fitting the size of the wedding, the venue, and my daughter’s personality.

I have witnessed on the blogs the popularity of Simply Vera, her line of women’s wear designed especially for Kohl’s. I know that I love it. From all of us, thank you, Vera, for making your exquisite eye for fashion available to those of us in the trenches who love affordable beauty!!


  1. Your daughter is beautiful beyond words, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Apples don´t fall far from the tree.
    Fantastic wedding dresses!!!
    Have a good Sunday my friend.

  2. Your daughter is going to be beautiful no matter what! I can't wait to see her real dress. At least I'm hoping you and she will share it with us!!

  3. That's exactly how my daughter chose her prom dress! One dress was gorgeous and she said that it was so beautiful that the dress would be the star of the show. But the other one felt like she looked pretty in it and that she was the star. Your daughter looks absolutely beautiful in that dress! Can't wait to see the real deal! ~Serene

  4. oh it looks so pretty on your daughter! how fun you all are planning a wedding! How many kids do you have? I love Simply Vera at Kohls!! One of my favs!

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