Let’s Rodeo!

Rodeo…one of the words which lead the rest of the world to make fun of Texas and assume that everyone here rides a horse. I have to admit the word conjures up excitement within me. Like most Texans, I have been attending rodeos since I was very young (that’s where I first met Little Joe Cartwright, SIGH!). Not only do I love the competition, but the fact that rodeos are unashamedly American and Texan. When my dad wanted to give us a treat, he would plan a trip to a big city rodeo as have traditionally been in Ft. Worth, Houston, and San Antonio. Among my young Texas friends, every girl at some point wanted to be a barrel rider.

Now to live in one of those cities and experience the excitement of rodeo every year has made me feel proudly-authentically-Texan. Now is the time of the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo… and this year has been one of the coldest yet! Western wear is a staple in every Texan’s wardrobe, so it is worn throughout the year, but at the highest level now. You will probably see some of my different Western looks as this blog continues. For me, western-style means a great white shirt, leather, boots, denim, and turquoise-to-beaded jewelry. The key is to learn how to balance this look and not go so over the top that people whisper behind your back. Remember, less is more. Chic-western is so much more attractive than gaudy-western.

Merona Jacket: Target
Liz Claiborne Blouse: Ross
Coldwater Creek Jeans
Torquoise Earrings & Boots: Stein Mart
Torquoise Bracelet: Boutique
Leather Belt: Marshalls

The pictures are from Gigi’s students. She is a master art teacher and every year raises thousands of scholarship dollars for our students when their paintings are selected and auctioned at the Rodeo. They must paint from an actual photograph which makes the competition even more endearing. From the trail riders, to the longhorn roundup, to the bull riding, I will always love rodeo time and I will always mourn Michael Landon’s passing…..


  1. You look stunning in that classy outfit!
    When I first arrived to Tennessee a friend decided to take me to a Rodeo. lol
    It was quite an experience!! (that was my first and last Rodeo, but nonetheless would love to take my kids someday).

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