Wonderfully Wicked

If I could be on the front row of every musical theater production which passes this way, I would without a doubt. However at least today on this balmy afternoon (thanks to my wonderful husband); I had the pleasure of having middle front row seats to the afternoon matinee of “Wicked.” This musical touched my heart more than any production has in a long time and that was a total surprise. I had not read the book or even one review, so the entire production was virgin territory and I actually think that made it even more special, because I went in with few expectations. This show, though, has everything needed for success: great music, amazing sets & staging, captivating writing, comedy, and loveable characters.

The theater..the theater…what to wear to the theater!  I chose a little bling from Lane Bryant, with a floral, flowy jacket that is so old I cannot remember where I bought it!  This is the beautiful San Antonio Riverwalk!…right by the

Yes, I highly recommend you see it….but I also recommend that if you ever visit San Antonio you see the Majestic Theater. They will not let us take pictures inside (though I tried and was reprimanded by a female version of Colonel Klink!), but suffice it to say this theater is fabulous, exquisite, and uniquely San Antonio. You look up into the stars at night over Spanish Mission tops complete with white doves flying overhead. The Latin architecture and dark rich woods are luxurious. I have traveled and been in many theaters and there truly is none like it…that I have seen.

My favorite 50+ outfit I spied out-
side the Majestic!!  The scarf
draped beautifully in the
front.  She had short, perfectly
coiffed gray hair!

Elphaba’s plight to become The Wicked Witch has many twists and turns….but I guess the age old theme of female friendship is what touched me the most. Her turbulent relationship with Glinda, the Good Witch, is a journey walked by two completely different individuals who grow to love and respect one another. Though the well- known song, “Defying Gravity”, was extremely powerful, my favorite song turned out to be “For Good”… A moment when two close friends say good bye and sing of their love and appreciation for one another.

Elphaba sings: “It well may be that we will never meet again in this lifetime; so let me say before we part so much of me is made of what I learned from you. You’ll be with me like a handprint on my heart, and now whatever way our stories end, I know you have re-written mine by being my friend.”

Today, we were the windy city!!
Downtown Trolley Cars

Though I really, really wanted to go to
the Bakery afterwards, I resisted …not on my diet!
So sad!


  1. You looked perfect for the theater! Oh how I loved this one too -saw it last year in San Francisco. THE best. And the "for good" song is so touching, made me cry.

  2. I love Wicked and will see it next Saturday night at the Majestic. The Boy and I saw it two summers ago when it came to town. He loved it and said there were a lot of things different from the book. Husband is supposed to go with me this time. I can't wait!

    Glad to hear to had a great time!

  3. Now, this is weird….I was blog surfing this afternoon and one writer told how this 'FOR GOOD' song was playing after she drove away from her good friends house to a new home in a new state, and how the song spoke to her. So I looked it up on Youtube…great song. BTW, I too, get scolded for taking photos inside museums….hint-turn off the flash.

  4. My 15 year old and I went last summer. It was so great, beyond expectation. It was a last minute decision and the only seats left open were in the very back top corner, or about 10 rows from the front. So totally worth the extra cost for the front. Would love to see it again! We sang the soundtrack all the way there and back home. They've been singing some of the songs in choir, so it was a great treat for her. I bought the book, I need to read it to fill in the blanks!

  5. Oh what a wonderful time! I wanted to see Wicked, but just couldn't afford it. Maybe it will come around again some day, or I can see it elsewhere. Love the flowy jacket! Kudos to you for not stopping at the bakery!

  6. Love your blog, been reading for a month or so now! The theater sounds like what is called an "Atmospheric Theater"; built in the 1920's and 30's, they were intended to create the atmosphere of an exotic place and can be found all over the U.S. Most of them have tours. I volunteered in one in my home town.

  7. What a lovely quote! I have heard of the riverwalk and these photos of your area make me want to visit. Why do places like this have rules about picture taking?

  8. I went to see the Australian Tour of Wicked a few weeks ago with my Mum, and I was just as amazed (and they were just as strict about picture-taking in the venue). "For Good" was such a touching song. I teared up a little as Glinda & Elphaba sung about their friendship.

  9. So glad you got to see the play
    I was lucky enough to see it in NYC with the original cast… Kristen Chenoworth and Idina Menzel
    Such a wonderful and clever story!

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