The Eye of the Beholder

This is a story about this stick! Well, actually, it begins with the vase. The vase came from my grandmother’s farm in East Texas and is one of several antiques from her house I really love. It was sitting empty by a picture on my dresser for a few weeks. I would put an occasional flower in it…but in my eyes, the floral didn’t work. Then one day, I was walking across our backyard and I saw this stick.

I wish I understood completely why I love the stick. It has a wind-blown appearance…and there is just something artistic about it to me. I placed it in the vase…stood back…and smiled with deep pleasure at the completion of the dresser-top décor. Unfortunately, Mr. Bear did not feel the same way…neither did my sons. But, my daughter gets it! To my husband and the boys, it is just an ugly stick! To us, it is art…..I will say, however, that he has not convinced me to ditch the stick. I am determined that for now it will stay there.

Merona Jacket: Target
Brown V Neck T: Walmart
Necklace: Lane Bryant
Bracelets: Gift & Walmart
Shoes: Target
Watch: Resale Shop
Skirt: Macy’s

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…..I think of my stick often when surfing fashion blogs. I am sure there are times when someone visits my site and ponders, “WHAT IS SHE THINKING? I WOULD NEVER WEAR THAT!” I often see bloggers who ask for an opinion on an outfit and get a variety of opinions. We all think so differently about style and fashion. It is important to learn what beauty your own eye beholds. What colors do you like? What fit suits your body type? Are you an accessory person or not?

I am an accessory person!  The necklace was on clearance
at Lane Bryant: the watch was from The Garment Exchange Re-
sale shop in SA; I combined two bracelets. The darker color
was a gift; the link strands were from the recent
accessory swap and came from Walmart!

Just don’t hide behind frumpy because you do not know what you like. Begin experimenting and learning what excites you when you look in the mirror …what looks best on you. Then stand firm. Unless it is one of those times when you need advice and want to know what others think. Opinions are always nice to have and then you can make a decision……and go on to stand by your own beliefs and not let anyone rattle your cage…or stick as it may be.


  1. Your accessories complete the outfit. Looks really cute.
    I absolutely agree with you about fashion. You have to be a risk-taker. And also, be able not to take fashion too seriously. It's just about having little fun or "me" time in life (which as you and I are now finding out is really important!).
    I try not to judge others. Some thinks other moms wear might make me cringe, but never judge. On the other hand, if anyone judges me… it's their problem, not mine.
    When I used to look frympy after having babies (and still occasionally do look so)- I noticed people treat you different. It's sad but we do that all the time. I try to make conscious decision to look everybody in the eye and smile, and treat everyone the same whether a homeless or some big wig.
    Thanks for constant inspiration and thought stimulation you provide!

  2. I firmly believe tha people and things that are meant to, meet eventually. I think this is the case of your vase.
    I am sooooooooooo glad to see you in that beautiful skirt.

  3. Great advice. From time to time I run across a blog & don't like an outfit. I never say anything though because quite frankly, I'm not wearing it. I'm not on here to make others feel bad about their choices. I'm here to try and find out what my own style is.

  4. the stick does lend a great message. i enjoy blogs that are true to the person, even if it is completely different from my own style. i have lots of purple in my closet, but teal is a close second! love rings and bracelets and necklaces. hardly wear earrings…gues because they are usually covered by my hair (and i would hate for my son to yank them!)

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