An Acronym for Saving Money & Time

I’m a teacher….I love acronyms…they are really a great memory tool for learning! So, when Stacy London and Clinton Kelly pulled out an acronym last night on What Not To Wear for purchasing decisions while shopping….I was on board. I really agree with what they are saying and this simple little word…BASE…can save us money and time…I wish I had all of the minutes spent in returning items I changed my mind about after getting home with the purchase!! BASE stands for

B………Body Image….how does the garment fit and make your body look…is it flattering?

A……..Age Appropriate….Do you look too young….Do you look too old….does it work for who you are?

S……..Seasons….how much mileage will you get from the garment? How many different things can you do with it?

E……..Economics….is it cost effective? Worth the dollars?

The reason I was in the mall last weekend was to look for an outfit for an evening wedding….that fit! I ended up making my purchase in Dillards where I bought this white jacket and black pencil skirt. When I put on the jacket, I liked the look of it on my new, curvy body…..I believed this jacket was age appropriate (though I tried on others that day that made me feel old)….I decided I would get more mileage out of separates than a dress….and the jacket was marketed down from $139 to $49. My thought process really followed the BASE plan. Now, that I have an acronym to think each purchase through…I plan to thoughtfully use it from now on!!

I think it makes good sense….what about you??


  1. Hi Pam, you look so good in this outfit! The white jacket is great, so fresh looking. And I really love that pop of orange with the black and white. That is inspired styling!

  2. I've been reading your blog for several weeks now but haven't commented yet – sorry! You always look great, and this outfit is really fabulous. It looks like it was made just for you and compliments your coloring and slim figure.

    BASE – I'm going to remember that!


  3. love the acronym! You look great! You are looking younger every day lady!! You are going to have to change your blog to over 50 looking 30!!

  4. Hi, I'm a new follower, and am enjoying your blog. Congrats on losing the weight.

    I saw that episode last night also, and it is a great way to remember. I am a subscriber to a stylist online, and her lessons are very similar to Stacy's and Clinton's, and they have helped so much in avoiding clothes that don't flatter my body type. I am having so much fun these days shopping for my wardrobe. I used to hate it.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing your photos and ideas.


  5. Great blazer. Great price. Great BASE choice. I'm looking for a white blazer and have been for weeks now. I think I'm going to have to bite the bullet and go to Zara in SF. I know they have a great one and their blazers fit me perfectly. It's hard because of my Hulk-iness.


  6. Pam, I LOVE this! I always forget when What Not To Wear is on, and I'm so glad you covered this. Such good advice! I'll definitely keep this in mind the next time I go shopping.

    P.S: We've both been covering such interlapping topics lately…maybe we should collaborate one day!

  7. HEy Babe!!! I did see your post the other day and I came over to comment and for some reason it wouldnt save ( the internet connection was a bit wonky) so I see that it didnt post. Anyway.. I love that you mentioned my outfit.. I think you are a first to say you want to copy an outfit of mine 🙂 woo hooo thats so awesome!! and you are looking fine my lady.. very very chic and sophisticated.. and gettin skinny girl!!! keep up the GREAT work babes!! xxo Jodi

  8. Pam you look really gorgeous in that outfit–and the jacket is really sensual looking. Love the colored bag (of course). Love what not to wear–and I saw the episode. BASE–good to remember! Paula

  9. LOVE the outfit. I'm a huge believer in separates for formal occasions, too, if you can find them. Even though it means buying more than one piece, you are so much more likely to get more wear out of the items. Plus you don't wind up in the same one dress in everybody's "special day" photos year after year. Those are going to serve you really, really well!

  10. The collar on that jacket would have sold it to me. I think you'll get a lot of mileage out of it.

    I try to keep a white jeans-type jacket in my warm weather line-up for more casual wear. It goes with a lot and can go in the washer.

  11. Hello.. LOve the BASE concept. This is so important for women of a "certain age"… I was a real clothes horse when I was young, because everything fit! Years go by and you forget these basics. Another bad one is people who look like they do nothing but shop. Over kill. Too much of everything. You can tell they put WAY too much thought into what they're wearing, too deliberate. Not sure what you call that, but I see it all the time.

    The outfit looks great. Thanks for the sage advice.. great post. Take care, Keri

  12. LOL I actually saw that show and thought, that is a great way to check yourself when buying clothes
    BTW, Clinton is here in Charlotte today at Macy's
    I am absolutely bummed that I cannot make it.

  13. Oh, I just watched that episode. Smart acronym to use while shopping and refreshing to hear someone take into consideration – age appropriate and economically sound. Great post.

    Folowing you back from Never Growing Old Follow Friday New GFC follower too -(

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