Cardigan & Scarf: Chicos
Shirt Dress: Lane Bryant
Emilie M Bag: Marshalls
Earrings & Watch:  Garment Exchange,
Resale in SA

Lyddie of Chic On The Cheap was the one who most identified with my frustrations yesterday by posting this comment:

“Discrepancy of sizes between stores, and even within stores is an on going problem for everyone, no matter what size you are. Size charts online are huge big fat lies. It is a wonder anyone can find any clothes to fit them at all. I think many times I’ll buy things with this mentality that I just make it work somehow. A belt, a cardigan, a safety pin…”

My look today was inspired by Day 2 Day Wear
I love the style Jodi wears in her header!!

If I could sit down in a board room with several of my favorite retailers, I would say:

“Ladies and gentlemen, you will make more money if you tune into what makes women look fantastic and not just sell clothes. Now, I understand, there must be a market for the frumpy, oversized, polyester look. But I submit to you that the market would increase if more selections were sized to fit properly and make a woman go WOW when she looks in the dressing room mirror. You seem to assume that overweight women and women over 50 just don’t care about their overall appearance. I am astounded that you want to put women in clothes that make them look 70 and not “feeling 40.” (sorry, little plug there) I had a personal wake up call when I turned 50, so I began to shop. The first store I ventured into was called Catherine’s. I walked slowly from rack to rack thinking “Now, why would I want to give up and look older?”. That’s when I walked next door to Lane Bryant on one side and Avenue on the other. In both locations, the buyers seem to get it. They market to a younger woman, and that is where I found the looks for an oversized woman I was seeking. In both locations, I had to be careful not to select items which were inappropriately too young…but I found many over the last seven years that put me at the feeling- WOW-level.

 Now, that I am losing weight, I can venture out to more places. Last Saturday, I took the time to run into the Macy’s near my home in a mall called Rolling Oaks. I was shocked as I entered the store…..racks and racks of the same type of clothing I found at Catherine’s covered the bottom floor. I was miffed…What happened to the Macy’s that I knew? The oversized, frumpy look was even on the mannequins!! Buyers, please…what are you trying to do to the women of Texas??!! I quickly ran from the store to Dillard’s and JC Penney’s. These stores get it. They have hidden the frumpy fair and display the chic, sophisticated, trendy looks. Would you like to make more money?? The Baby Boomer generation is huge…spending massive dollars on looking younger in every way from Botox to vitamins. I do not want to hear anyone say, “You’re 57…hmmm.” I want “You can’t be 57, you look at least 40!” You can tap into this, by hiring consultants who will give you advice on how to walk the fine line between young and old…between frumpy and fabulous!! Stop sending women into the world thinking this is all that fits…all that is available…I must have to look this way now that I am over the hill. Then they are despondent, defeated, shut down. THIS IS SO WRONG! I’m glad you attended this meeting today. Please take this message to heart and do set you company in the right direction!!” Psst…you can make more money if you do!”

Note to Macy’s:  I spent money at Dillard’s!  I ran from your store and I once was a faithful customer!

Andrew Geller Shoes: Stein Mart

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