Facing Truth

I am seventeen pounds down and, yes, I am excited, but this has not been an easy path. One of the sobering things hitting me squarely in my rather large gut, is that I really am addicted to food. Throughout my life, food has been a comfort zone….it is a way I show love to my family and others…it is something I do when stress sets in…it is a place where I meet friends and family for fellowship and discussion…it is a friend when I need one…

Cooking for family & friends has been a way
to show them love

Last night, we went to eat at a restaurant under consideration for the wedding catering….the manager put his best foot forward and fed our family at no cost…he brought on a feast. I thought…”I have to eat; it’s free and they need my input.” I have not eaten real food for one month. The good news is that I felt full very quickly…the bad news is that didn’t stop me…and the sobering news is that I feel horrible & guilty today.

Resturants are where we meet for
fellowship & conversation!

I feel like this is a critical time for me. I can completely change my eating habits and not have to dread blood tests or what is happening inside of my body or I can go back. But, going back is just not an option any more. I will continue to learn and change. When I “fall off the wagon,” I will get right back on. I just wish the fall wasn’t so painful…and that the journey was easier….but that is the consequence of hooking up with food as a friend to begin with.

Thanks to everyone for the support given…you just do not realize how important the encouragement is to anyone attempting to do this. I also have posted the link to an entry I placed on my San Antonio Express News blog this week in defense of the HCG Diet…some of you may be interested!! Enjoy this fabulous Sunday!




  1. I am so glad for you dear Pam. Once you get to your weight target, just eat healthy and stay on it.without forgetting to be happy and enjoy food.

  2. Don't let one day make you feel bad and guilty. That was yesterday, it's in the past. Get back on track today. Focus on what you've accomplished losing 17 lbs. That's AWESOME! One day doesn't negate that.

  3. Very nicely written article.I do not know anything about that diet, except what you've written. I see it produces a quick weight loss, but is it a way of eating for the rest of your life? I know to loose weight you must change eating plans forever, but I am not sure what you meant about not eating 'real food'…..800 calories every day, day in, day out. I know I could not do it. As you said …eating is a LOT of what I do with friends. Good Luck to you!

  4. Do you really have to lose much more weight? I think you look great right now! But you know what you want to do, and why you are doing it, and how successful you have been so far. One setback is just one setback.

    Eventually, you WILL reach a point where you stop dieting and just try to maintain a healthy eating program that's sustainable over the long haul. Letting yourself enjoy (healthy) food will have to be a key part of that, I think.

  5. I had lost 24 pounds. My back pain and knee pain was almost totally gone. I gained the weight back and aside from the self-loathing I also have the back and knee pain again. Please be careful and good luck.

  6. You're looking great. Perhaps the challenge isn't to avoid falling off the wagon now and then, because occasions like last night will always present themselves. Perhaps the challenge is to ALLOW yourself a treat now and then without feeling any guilt about it.

  7. It is really hard to change your habits, and even harder to not revert back. Especially when it comes to good food. It is a daily and constant battle. You can't just shut yourself away from a world full of temptation, you have to live in in and battle it every day.

    I'm glad you are doing well, and I know you can continue and stay on track, despite your indulgent dinner!

  8. I've never heard of that diet. I guess time will tell if it's able to jump-start your change of habits. Seventeen pounds is excellent!

    Has enough research been done on this to establish whether it's a risk for breast cancer? It's become fairly clear in recent years that HRT, while really helpful to many with severe sympthoms, can raise your risk. I'm not sure I'd want to pursue something to fix up my lipid levels and then turn around and get cancer.

  9. Congrats on the 17 LB'S that is wonderful
    Try not to beat yourself up, just remember today is another day and you make it what you want.
    We need to see some less baggy clothes on that smokin' bod now!

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