I am seventeen pounds down and, yes, I am excited, but this has not been an easy path. One of the sobering things hitting me squarely in my rather large gut, is that I really am addicted to food. Throughout my life, food has been a comfort zone….it is a way I show love to my family and others…it is something I do when stress sets in…it is a place where I meet friends and family for fellowship and discussion…it is a friend when I need one…

Cooking for family & friends has been a way
to show them love

Last night, we went to eat at a restaurant under consideration for the wedding catering….the manager put his best foot forward and fed our family at no cost…he brought on a feast. I thought…”I have to eat; it’s free and they need my input.” I have not eaten real food for one month. The good news is that I felt full very quickly…the bad news is that didn’t stop me…and the sobering news is that I feel horrible & guilty today.

Resturants are where we meet for
fellowship & conversation!

I feel like this is a critical time for me. I can completely change my eating habits and not have to dread blood tests or what is happening inside of my body or I can go back. But, going back is just not an option any more. I will continue to learn and change. When I “fall off the wagon,” I will get right back on. I just wish the fall wasn’t so painful…and that the journey was easier….but that is the consequence of hooking up with food as a friend to begin with.

Thanks to everyone for the support given…you just do not realize how important the encouragement is to anyone attempting to do this. I also have posted the link to an entry I placed on my San Antonio Express News blog this week in defense of the HCG Diet…some of you may be interested!! Enjoy this fabulous Sunday!



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