Cardi: Marshall’s
Traveler’s Cami: Chicos
Granite Necklace: Stein Mart
Walmart Earrings: Accessory Swap!

I think since the beginning of time…rocks have been a part of the fashion scene. I can envision cave women creating the first granite/stone jewelry…possibly even a runway show on a beach somewhere!

When I looked in the mirror this morning…rocks came to mind. The graphic print of this Adrienne Vittadini cardigan just says rocks to I threw on jewelry with different stone embellishments and decided it was a rockin day!! I have had this cardi in the back of my closet for months. After I bought it and took it home, I stood in front of the mirror off and on for days not sure if I had the courage to wear it to school or not. Now that I am down a few pounds, my courage is growing.

   So, remember,rocks are such a fun style statement….even a cave man can do it!! (ha, ha…the audience groans)

Pants: Coldwater Creek
Nicole Shoes: Marshalls
Gras, Fat Tuesday, Yesterday!!


  1. youre so fun!! love the cardi.. it looks great on you. I too used to feel that patterns were too loud and flamboyant but once I started blogging I stepped out of my comfort zone more and more and now I can even wear leather skirts to work without hesitation!! thats whats so fun about blogging and stepping outside of your comfort zone… it also inspires others!!

    love the rock theme today.. you are funny!! xoxo J

  2. I love rocks too!
    i used to collect them since a little girl and made a pendant out of a rock with a hole in it, though it weighs a ton 😉
    I clued rhinestones and a special penny on it.
    i'll try to remember to wear it next week!
    ( remind me …)

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