FBFF: Cutting to the Core

Blouse:  Old Navy
Jacket: Stien Mart
Pants (too big now): Avenue
23 pounds down!!!!!!!

Katy did not go lightly on FBFF bloggers this week. These are not easy questions to answer. I even pondered skipping, but I have decided to go for it. For most of these questions, I could write volumes…so I really believe I am just hitting the surface.

1. Do you think there is an incompatibility between feminism and a love for fashion?

We live in a day and age where certain words can close doors between people. “Feminism” is one of those words. I came to blogging with a desire to share what I had learned about many things after turning 50 and to hopefully help other women…no matter who they are…or what they believe. I love talking and being with all women…girls love girl talk no matter who they are. This is why I often avoid going too deeply into some topics unless a reader wants to address it offline in email or a call. I believe in the strength and dignity of women. We can do anything or be anything we desire to be. Part of that success, is looking and feeling our best. Enough said.

2. There is more to each of us than a love for fashion, how do you incorporate every aspect of yourself into your blog?

Quite simply…. I don’t. However, I will say that a commitment to blogging seems to peel away layers that can sometimes be uncomfortable. Once again, I do not want to close the doors between me and others. I want those doors of acceptance, from me any way, to be open. I am a strong willed woman of deep faith in God….but I am here to share His love…He created us all…and not to use this place as a platform for other things. I hope no reader would leave because of that last sentence, but I cannot control what anyone might think of me.

We are created unique and beautiful just like
everything else has been!!

3. With the fashion industry still being a male-dominated profession, how do you think it would differ if women played a larger role? I wrote a post this week about frustrations with clothing retailers and designers NOT understanding what a curvy woman or middle aged woman really wants. There were some great comments on that post….perhaps, more women in the industry would help remedy that problem.

4. How is your self-image and the way you carry yourself informed by your beliefs? I believe that God created me to be intelligent, creative, beautiful, strong, dignified, powerful, joyful, loving, prayerful, friendly, hospitable, a servant, a teacher, a mother, a wife, a friend, supportive, discerning, wise, diligent and gentle. To walk with my head down would dishonor the one who created all of that. It has everything to do with what I believe.

5. Do you think clothing/makeup/hair helps communicate the truth about yourself or are those things superfluous add-ons?

Yes, Yes…I very much think they communicate the truth of who I am. There are some (maybe reading this) who think that people of strong faith believe that women should wear dresses to their ankles and never cut their hair. I do not find Biblical support for that…in fact, as someone who has studied the Bible thoroughly, I find just the opposite. If anyone wants to know why, just shoot me an email…over50feeling40@gmail.com.

I love and am appreciative of every reader of this blog…no matter whether you call yourself a feminist or not.  We are all women…and I am so thankful to be just that!  I hope we will continue to have fun together!

If I release these balloons, they will soar!
I hope all of us will do that as well!

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  1. Pam, BEAUTIFUL answers! To separate yourself from your faith is impossible. But it absolutely shines through in your eternal enthusiasm and kindness. Again, GREAT answers! ~Serene

  2. This is so well written and I love the thought you put into your answers. I enjoy reading your Friday posts because you write with such honesty and intelligence.

  3. I love this, thank you for posting it. It can be really hard to post or talk with people about faith, but your honesty is beautiful.

  4. oh wow…what a big topic!

    i don't think fashion itself conflicts with feminism, i think apologizing for being interested in feminine things conflicts with feminism… we should be completely unapologetic for talking about our hair… you never hear a man apologizing about talking about sports or cars!

  5. 23 lbs down.. you are a rockstar!! and I really appreciate your thoughtfulness in your answers this week and couldnt agree with you more!

    have a super weekend Pam- you hottie 🙂 xoxo J

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