Saturday Brunch!
Top:  Dana Buchman, Kohls
Pants: Talbots
Shoes: Stein Mart
Headband: Target

A new study was released this morning claiming that women begin to consider themselves old at age 29 and men at age 58. Wow, 29 really surprised and saddened me. Sad…because I hate it that so many young women would feel old so early.  Just click here….
New Study

Where I am today…right this minute…age 57…I honestly feel much younger than I actually am. After pondering this, I think it is because:

1. I generally have a positive, joyful outlook…taking one challenge and day at a time.

2. I have given attention to my outside look and taken my game a step up.

3. For the first time, in years, I am losing weight which needed to come off.

4. I have begun a program of bioidentical hormones, which have returned hair to my legs and a spring in my step!

5. I finally placed ME on the priority list after years of placing everyone else at the top.

So, what does “OLD” feel like? For me, in the past, it felt like despondency, tired, unmotivated (no vision for the second half), dried up…you get it. The times I have felt old, I looked in the mirror and focused on the one big wrinkle or the growing strands of grey hair. The wrinkles and the grey hair are going to happen no matter what I do….but the state of mind is up to me. Now when I look in the mirror, I try to focus on how fabulous I can look today.

I received an email from a vibrant 66-year-old in Ohio named Carole…when discussing fashion for the over 50 crowd, she wrote, “No little old lady polyester pant suits and sensible granny shoes for me. Today I wore a black pencil skirt, a light gray turtleneck sweater with a really cool silver and black necklace, black tights, high heeled boots and a belted black leather jacket. It’s still really cold here in OH. I looked tasteful, age appropriate and kinda fabulous if I do say so myself.”

Carole, I think you and I and many of the readers of this blog need to get out and have a talk with a bunch of 29-year-olds!!

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