I Enjoy Being A Girl!

Sweater: Red Dot Sale @ Stein Mart, $7
Silver Cuff: Avenue, $5

Something that is happening now that I am …ahem…well……….OLDER, is that I have learned to appreciate some things about myself that the younger Pam hated! For example, my wavy hair is now my friend and not my enemy (especially with the invention of the Chi flat iron). Finally, I am embracing my curves! I admit the weight loss is helping me to embrace them better…but up until my 50s I hated my hour glass figure and wanted to be an up & down stick. But, you know, the curves aren’t so bad.

Jacket and Pinstriped Tousers:
Lane Bryant
Ballet Flats: Target

They make me feel like a woman. I was one of those sappy little girls who used to walk around the house singing “I Enjoy Being a Girl” from Flower Drum Song. I love everything about being a woman (except maybe cramps…hot flashes…incontinence…Alright, back to the positives). We have been uniquely wired to multi-task in ways males just cannot handle…we have been gifted with loving, caring spirits….creativity…hospitality…and mother’s hearts whether we have our own children or not. We can change the world in so many ways either through our own work or by inspiring others. We can be CEOs of major corporations or CEOs of households or both at the same time. With strength and dignity, there is just about nothing we cannot do.

17 pounds gone!!

I love being a wife….and a mother…and a teacher…and a writer…and a blogger…and a sister… and a daughter…and a friend… and a cook…and a homemaker… and a reader…and a citizen…and a voter…and a voice…ALSO…I AM NOT ASHAMED THAT I LOVE lace, pearls, pink, flowers, diamonds, fabulous clothes, beautiful sunsets, babies, mascara, puppies, kittens and pedicures!!

I am unashamedly female….and wouldn’t have it any other way!


  1. For a 29 year old woman you look marvelous. Just think how good you'll look at 30. *just me playing the age thing. I'm 65 and when Mom died 12 years ago she was 16. I guess you are what you are no matter what the age. You are darned pretty.

  2. I totally agree with you! Love your hair and the top! You are looking good. I am not losing weight but will embrace my curves no matter what.

  3. We grew up in the time of musicals…and I would go to our basement and belt songs out, because I loved the echoing accoustics. One of my favorite tunes was "These are a few of my Favorite Things."

  4. AWESOME BLOG!!! Two Thumbs Up!! A++++

    Hello! I am your newest follower from "Follow Friday 40 and Over". I LOVE the theme for your blog – me too- over 50 feel 40!

    When you can please stop by and say hello and follow me, too! Nice to meet you and to find your blog.

    Have a super weekend.


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