Facing Changes & Blogging Success

Scarf Cardigan: Marshall’s
Studded Tank: Stein Mart
Jeans: Coldwater Creek
Headband: Target
Bracelet: Avenue
Earrings & Shoes: Consignment Shop

Last night’s What Not To Wear featured a mommy blogger make over…and, she looked beautiful at the end of the evening! But there were two things that caught my attention.

The first…Clinton Kelly remarked that he loves to watch someone who is ready for change and goes full steam ahead with courage to face the change. It took several years, but when I hit the big 50, I was ready for change. It was exhilarating…uplifting…and powerful…but I confess there was one little devil on my shoulder whispering WHY BOTHER?? He would say very slyly…you don’t have the body or the money or the life to justify the change. Thank goodness, I did not listen to him. It does take courage and determination to forge ahead. But, the rewards are great. Life is just too short to stay in despair…a world where you do not care about yourself or take care of yourself.

Today’s outfit is all about this scarf!!

The second…they kept referring to the mommy as a “successful blogger.” That made me wonder what the definition of a successful blogger really is. Any ideas?? How do some of you define a successful blogger??


  1. Good for you – those little voices will always be there it seems! Beautiful scarf. My definition of a successful blogger is more than how many followers you have or what the sitemeter reads – it's someone who offers useful tips, makes you think, and is passionate about the contents of their blog!

  2. I agree with freeda – I'd guess she has a commercial aspect to her blog now.

    I liked that episode – that show is always a good reminder to me to keep on putting my best foot forward.

    Love that big scarf!

  3. In my own personal opinion, a successful blogger is one who is content with her following and everything that goes with it.

    I think she is probably a full-time blogger who makes a full-time income, and that's what *they* mean.

    You are such an encouragement for not listening to that voice! You're amazing and I'm glad to have "met" you!

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  4. I guess if you are talking to Clinton Kelly you are successful LOL
    Seriously, I am thinking it is someone that makes a living out of blogging.(their definition)
    Heck, I think I am successful just getting a post out and have one person comment on it!!

  5. Can't help you on the "successful blogger" bit, but I can say with enthusiasm and (authority) that I love how you've worked this scarf. I find larger scarves with more fabric difficult to style because I never know what to do with all that excess length. I like how you've done this!

  6. I love the scarf and you wear it with such confidence. The perfect way to add a splash of color. About the successful blogger question, I think it's very personal. If a blogger is passionate about her creation, that screams success to me.

  7. In my mind, when you are a successful style blogger, people look to you for style inspiration (and give you credit).

    I also love WNTW when the person actually embraces the change and NEEDS the change. I hate it when it's some whiny brat who you know is going to go right back to their old style the moment they step off the plane.

    Chic on the Cheap

  8. Pam, that scarf is fabulous; but what I really love is that you're wearing IT and IT's not wearing you…tough to pull off with such a statement piece, but you've done it flawlessly! Regarding successful blogging; I would regard success as staying true to yourself and being yourself. It's very tempting and easy to want to recreate yourself to gain followers and possibly advertisers. I love seeing a blogger that has just stayed themselves and don't seem to be trying too hard.

  9. I agree, a person is never too old to change, or move ahead, as I prefer to say. When I was young, and very thing (I was) I liked to dress in a unique style. I was 'different' (a redhead in a town where I was the only one) so I learned to want to stand out. But as I remarried, got older, and heavier, I settled into a 'blend in' or boring style. my closet is really sad now, all of my sweaters are dark, drab colors. I will break out of that more into spring & summer.
    A sucessful blogger??? I am inclined to say someone who has a lot of followers…but that is not true. She would be someone who is thoughtful, knowledgeable of, and believes in what she writes.

  10. So glad you didn't listen to the voice! I love your blog for all the reasons you thought you shouldn't bother – you are a real woman with a realistic budget who dresses for real life situations (it's hard to get inspired by ball gowns and outfits suited for nightclubs!). The way you present yourself is an inspiration. To me that makes you a successful blogger.

  11. I love WHAT NOT TO WEAR!! is a great show and I get some good ideas from them… hmmm to me a successful blog/blogger is someone who is real and inspires other.. being authentic and also creative in terms of sharing creative ideas for wardrobe items, outfits, etc.

    Nothing bugs me more than these fashion blogs that have all these magazine and catwalk photos.. is okay but not my style or interest.. I love the blogs that are real– like YOURS!! so keep up the great work!!
    xoxx J

  12. Hi~
    I just discovered your blog through Follow Friday 40 & Over.
    Love your blog, your style (I LOVE scarves!)and your attitude!
    Definitely a new follower!
    Have a great weekend!

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