Scarf Cardigan: Marshall’s
Studded Tank: Stein Mart
Jeans: Coldwater Creek
Headband: Target
Bracelet: Avenue
Earrings & Shoes: Consignment Shop

Last night’s What Not To Wear featured a mommy blogger make over…and, she looked beautiful at the end of the evening! But there were two things that caught my attention.

The first…Clinton Kelly remarked that he loves to watch someone who is ready for change and goes full steam ahead with courage to face the change. It took several years, but when I hit the big 50, I was ready for change. It was exhilarating…uplifting…and powerful…but I confess there was one little devil on my shoulder whispering WHY BOTHER?? He would say very slyly…you don’t have the body or the money or the life to justify the change. Thank goodness, I did not listen to him. It does take courage and determination to forge ahead. But, the rewards are great. Life is just too short to stay in despair…a world where you do not care about yourself or take care of yourself.

Today’s outfit is all about this scarf!!

The second…they kept referring to the mommy as a “successful blogger.” That made me wonder what the definition of a successful blogger really is. Any ideas?? How do some of you define a successful blogger??

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