Texas Style Council: Keynote Address w/ Jennine Jacobs

Jennine retuns later in the
day in a panel discussion

I went on Sunday to learn, and learn I did. The workshops were predominantly about taking the next step…using the blog as a stepping stool for a career, part time or fulltime. They were about setting goals and seeing the big picture. All of this fascinates me and fits perfectly with where I am in life. Let’s begin with the keynote address on Sunday morning delivered by Independent Fashion Blogger’s own Jennine Jacob(also creator of thecoveted.com).

“Everything has changed…television…advertising…publishers…journalism…PR…everyone is freaking out. No one knows what’s what.”

This quote was at the core of Jennine’s keynote address on Sunday. She began with the charge for bloggers to realize that they are at the very beginning of creating a new medium. Everyone is finding out that connections are made through social media…people find love…careers…support…inspiration. Technology now helps us all be more human. She said, “I find it never endingly fascinating, and the most interesting and fulfilling career, I’ve ever had”

Jennine talks shop with Suze of

Though the tech world changes rapidly, she paused and stressed “yet, nothing has changed.” Good, sound business practices are always in vogue. “They are the constants remaining the same.”

Therefore, her recommendations:

1. Focus on the principals and not the technology. Technology changes every day, but the core of what you are about should remain constant.

2. Look for what you love and follow it. Listen to the little voice within you and follow your instincts.

3. Find your heroes and listen to them. Her personal hero is Adrianna Huffington, who said recently that the future will be mixed with the best of old journalism mixed with the future of online. Therefore, understanding what the best of old journalism is would be important.

4. Do not be afraid to make mistakes and learn from them.

5. Always try to do everything yourself first before seeking someone to do it for you. Learn to write your own business plan, media kit etc. Try it on your own.

6. Commit to a course for your blog, but do not be afraid to change the course if you think it is the right thing to do. It is OK not to know everything you want for your blog in the beginning.

7. Make each step your best effort. Always REACH FOR THE STARS.

So, ladies, how many of you see your blog as a stepping stool to bigger things…have your set goals past your blog…how are you reaching for the stars?? If you are a reader, and not necessarily a blogger, what advice to you have for bloggers to improve their products…what do you like to read and see?

Next: Panel 1 Going Pro

I returned with many goodies, but by far the best was winning the new
Singer Sewing Machine, gifted from burdastyle.com!
The really amazing part is that after my daughter
returned from Saipan last October she asked me if
I could help her find a sewing machine for when she
returns to live there.  She was moved to teach women
on the island to sew and empower them to make a living.
There is much sex traffiking there, as unfortunately many other places today, and
women are exploited and not taught skills.  What a blessing
to tell my daugher after the conference that I had a sewing
machine for her to take with her!!!!  Thank you Burda Style!


  1. What a great post. You are living out the adage 'Fear the fear and do it anyway!' Thanks for sharing what you learned at the conference and I can't believe you won a sewing machine! Wow! Were the bluebells out in Austin? Maybe it's too early. I lived in Austin for 3 years and those bluebells were just gorgeous every year.

  2. It was so wonderful to meet you in person, and your write-up is fantastic!
    I'm sure everyone will agree that you were the best person to win the sewing machine. What a beautiful story and great reason to need one!
    Thanks for using a photo of me and Jennine!!

  3. Pam–congratulations on winning the sewing machine and imagine the synchronicity in your name being drawn. It continues to sound like this was a great experience. Cool to see you with Suze!

  4. Fantastic Pam,
    I am glad you got a sewing machine for your daughter. That´s the proof that overcoming fear is worth it, hehehhehe.
    Much love.

  5. This is SO great! Not only the summary of the keynote ( i missed the beginning part of it,so thank you! ) but winning the sewing machine! Such a true blessing!

  6. Thanks for sharing. Even though I just blog for the fun of it and to let people what I'm doing there is still something to be learned from the speaker, wise words.
    re: sewing machine……He knew it would get a good home 🙂

  7. Thanks for sharing what you learned.
    Still on the fence about whether I want to go to the "next level" or not
    Did she have anything to say to us "older" fashion bloggers??
    Can't wait for your next installment


  8. Wow, Pam, it sounds so amazing! Nothing that fun every happens in my little corner (pout).

    I am looking forward to hearing more about it. It's so cool that you met Erin of "Work with what you've got" – I love her blog.

  9. So glad that you won the sewing machine for your daughter and that you had this wonderful experience. I am still struggling for a purpose for my blog. It is what it is I guess. At least you have a purpose and are going forward with it!

  10. Hi there!

    It was so nice to meet you and so happy you won the machine, it must have been meant to be that your daughter needed a sewing machine for her move.

    It it also nice that you got something out of my speech, it was kind of scary as I've never done this before…thanks for being so kind.

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