Jacket: Old Navy
Jones of New York Trousers:
Blouse: Lane Bryant
Earrings: Avenue

I took these outfit pictures one day when I was ahead with posting…but it actually works for today. I am black and blue from retreat …but home safely. Something that is a bummer for me about getting older is that it is just not as easy as it used to be to function on four hours of sleep a night. Teens on retreat do not want to go to bed…. Duh!…and, unfortunately as a chaperone, I cannot go to bed until they do and I have to be up and ready before they are. So, I am moving a tad bit slowly today!

Belt: Chicos
Bracelet: Kohls

Also, now that I am officially a blogger, leaving for three days is just not as easy as it used to be. I regret missing the posting, the reading, and the participating. I come back BEHIND! I am behind on this blog and the one I write for the local newspaper…I am behind with a couple of collaborations I was contacted for…and I missed FBFF…and the over 40 blog hop!! Wow…just in three days! I told my husband he has GOT to get me an I PHONE!! Actually, I find this all very amusing. Just a couple of years ago, I would not have seen myself this tied to technology or even desiring the phone upgrade. I have come a long way baby!

Enzo Angiolini Shoes: Marshalls

Finally, when I wore this outfit, someone said that I should wear black & blue more often. I stared around the walls in my classroom, and told them that even though I do not wear the color combo often, I am really tired of it!!

Hope to catch up with all of you this weekend, and be back in the swing of things right away!

I have returned from the Texas Hill Country!!

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