Black & Blue…but BACK!

Jacket: Old Navy
Jones of New York Trousers:
Blouse: Lane Bryant
Earrings: Avenue

I took these outfit pictures one day when I was ahead with posting…but it actually works for today. I am black and blue from retreat …but home safely. Something that is a bummer for me about getting older is that it is just not as easy as it used to be to function on four hours of sleep a night. Teens on retreat do not want to go to bed…. Duh!…and, unfortunately as a chaperone, I cannot go to bed until they do and I have to be up and ready before they are. So, I am moving a tad bit slowly today!

Belt: Chicos
Bracelet: Kohls

Also, now that I am officially a blogger, leaving for three days is just not as easy as it used to be. I regret missing the posting, the reading, and the participating. I come back BEHIND! I am behind on this blog and the one I write for the local newspaper…I am behind with a couple of collaborations I was contacted for…and I missed FBFF…and the over 40 blog hop!! Wow…just in three days! I told my husband he has GOT to get me an I PHONE!! Actually, I find this all very amusing. Just a couple of years ago, I would not have seen myself this tied to technology or even desiring the phone upgrade. I have come a long way baby!

Enzo Angiolini Shoes: Marshalls

Finally, when I wore this outfit, someone said that I should wear black & blue more often. I stared around the walls in my classroom, and told them that even though I do not wear the color combo often, I am really tired of it!!

Hope to catch up with all of you this weekend, and be back in the swing of things right away!

I have returned from the Texas Hill Country!!


  1. You know, the color blue is perfect for you and you don't look at all tired. Maybe you should wear blue a lot. If I can find a color that disguises anything about my looks, I wear it a lot.

  2. Glad you are back safe and sound…..Im managing these days on little sleep…its definitely now as easy as it used to be….love the outfit…black and blue are classics….they always look fabulous together:)

  3. Pam–Welcome back! Blogging has taught me a lot about social media…but I don't think I'm ready to start carrying a cell phone with me every where. You'll be caught up in no time. Catch some zzz's!

  4. Wow! I know how you feel about those student field trips. They are raring to go and you wake up feeling like you have a bad hangover and have been beat up!

    What was the over 40 blog hop? Feel out of the loop.

    BTW: That shade of blue is just stunning on you.

    Welcome home!

  5. Hope you get to take a nap this afternoon and get caught up on sleep. You are a brave woman to go on retreat with teens. Technology??? I love it. No iphone tho…..BTW, you do look great in those colors.

  6. That color cobalt is so hot right now
    Look you all on trend and everything
    I can so relate to not recovering as quickly as I used to. A sad fact of life.

    Love my iphone and my black jack before that. I don't even think they make black jacks anymore. lol

    Get some rest and enjoy the rest of your weekend

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  7. Cobalt blue is a major color this season and so is color blocking so you are right on target. I cannot imagine being a chaperone to a bunch of teens. I get tired just thinking about it. LOL!

  8. Oh my word, that blue is STUNNING on you! What a gorgeous color! Black and blue is a fun combo, I'm sorry it feels tired for you.

    I typically take three days off, I don't usually post Friday-Sunday unless the FBFF questions are really interesting or I wind up with a few free minutes. You could try pre-posting those to help free up some time!

    I used to love retreats when I was in youth group. They were so fun! Not sure I could handle being a chaperone though – I have so much respect for you!

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