What Do You Do Once A Week?

My fun TIKKR watch (gifted to all of us attending the recent blogger’s conference) tells me that it is Sunday and time to get ready for the week ahead! I do have a few little rituals that I do every week to look and feel fabulous (you must shake out your hair and flutter your eyelashes when you write lines like that last one!). Later today, I will


1. Give myself a pedicure. There is no extra money right now for the salon…so, I pull out the clippers, file, Pedi Egg, and select a favorite nail polish…I still am a sucker for OPI…it just goes on the best. Usually, in the summer when I can be found predominantly in sandals, I will also spend time with a great foot soak!

2. Once in the shower, I will do a once a week mild microdermabrasion technique on my face. The Olay version stretches over about six to eight weeks and I use it on my face and neck! It makes a huge difference to keep wrinkles from showing and my face always tingles while conducting a tribal happy dance!

3. I also give my hair a once a week heavy conditioning treatment. As I have written before, I have to tame the beast and this treatment is a big part of keeping things looking smooth and shiny!!

4. Finally, I try to spend a little time planning the weekly outfits or at least the one for the next day! This has become a bigger deal since I started blogging…especially if I want an editorial theme to exist. I confess I wing it probably more than I should. It also is important for me to do this if I want to save time in the mornings…that is the biggest motivation!

I think my editorial theme this month is going to be CELEBRATIONS! I want to look for something to celebrate with every post!

Do any of you have a weekly ritual you would like to share?? Bring it on, ladies!  I hope we can learn new ideas from each other.


  1. My weekly ritual is more work-related, although this morning I rubbed down my atrocious winter feet with hand balm and am very pleased with the results. Like you, blogging has helped my weekly wardrobe planning. Have a good week.

  2. Oh, I am SO overdue for a pedicure! I love them, but just haven't felt able to commit the time. The longer I wait…. the harder it will be! My God, I don't think I have a weekly ritual. Unless you count exercise. I'm a bit of a "weekend warrior," it appears.

    And yes. Olay rocks.

  3. Since I only work part time I'm not on a strict weekly schedule….I do 'it' when I am in the mood and have time. I should have had a pedicure by now, but it's still too cold for sandals this year.

  4. I love the colors you featured from OPI, they are exactly what I would pick. You've inspired me to do a pedicure today. Weekly rituals mostly include planning my week on Sunday nights so I don't forget anything.

  5. I'm with you on the OPI and the L'Oreal conditioner. Will have to check out that particular Olay product. I use many of their products already.

  6. I'm going to try that L'Oreal conditioner.

    In my book you don't need to apologize for doing your own nails. The pedicure I give myself at home is superior and safer than any I've ever paid for, plus I don't have to tip.

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