Vintage Chicos Jacket
Black Blouse: Kohls
Short Pants: Stein Mart
Michael Kors Platforms:
Garment Exchange
Necklace: Chicos

Since this is still the middle of San Antonio’s Fiesta Celebration, I decided to research what colors are best for happy times!! My research resulted in the following colors and how they make the wearer feel:

Green makes one feel happy, clean and fresh

Orange makes one feel friendly

Pink makes one feel happy and youthful

Red makes one feel excited, impulsive, and want to eat. Since the food during Fiesta is fabulous, event coordinators probably prefer everyone wear red. Just thinking of those funnel cakes makes me want to reach for another shirt!

The jacket says ENERGY in red…That’s Right!

I was surprised to discover that if you wear yellow too long, you will become agitated. Interesting. My conclusions? For a celebration, wear green, orange, pink, or red. Those are your best options!

It has been fun to dress with color in mind this week just to celebrate Fiesta. Gigi has gone Fiesta-forward and really put me to shame!! I think I actually need to be wearing a lot more blue. Blue makes the wearer feel relaxed, calm, secure, and suppresses appetites and lowers blood pressure!!

This outfit wins for my favorite
FIESTA Look of the week!!

Gigi is extremely happy in PINK!

A perfect FIESTA necklace!!

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