How Could I Resist: Friend Friday & Inspiration!

After I rose early and fired off a post…I later discovered that it is Friend Friday on a topic I love….INSPIRATION!!

So, here we go…

1. Which celebrities do you look to for fashion inspiration? I do not know that I “look to” anyone. But I have discovered that I love the style of Diane Keeton and in some movies, Meryl Streep. But I tend to be attracted to the style in a movie more so than the individual style of a celebrity.

Diane Keeton

2. When it comes to your own personal style, what inspires you? So many things. I gain inspiration sometimes from architecture and art; sometimes magazines; sometimes a movie; sometimes another woman I see while out; sometimes a mannequin. The city of New York changed me completely thirty years ago. The inspiration I received there jump started a whole new love for fashion and style.

Of course, there are several designers; such as, Dana Buchman, who inspire me!

Dana Buchman

3. How do you hope to inspire your readers? I have written this many times in the last year….But so many women 50+ are afraid of aging and their bodies and change. Some have become despondent and just given up on life. I hope to inspire them by showing them that feeling and looking great will help build confidence and joy. They can start small, but just get off the couch and start. Life is just too short to live it in the doldrums. I hope to bring inspiration and fun to fashion. It can be easy and affordable!

4. Outside the realm of fashion, who or what inspires you? Oh, so many on the list:

a. My family and friends…especially Gigi who is my blogging inspiration

b. My blogging friends and readers. It never fails…when I want to quit, someone will say something which inspires and encourages me.  There are so many with amazing talent and style on the blogs!

c. Creation! The beauty of landscapes, sky, flowers, trees, etc. Beauty all around us!

d. Art….I love just about any of it from landscapes to some modern pieces.

e. As I said, architecture and interior design…I love to look at buildings and then go inside!! So, many times I can actually see an outfit in my mind after looking at some building.

5. And sense Idol is ending…what songs inspire you? I love music…many different kinds and I guess really nothing inspires me more than music. I love Praise & Worship Music (KLOVE!); Broadway musicals; Country & Western; ROCK!; Sinatra; some jazz; some classical; and THE BEATLES!! Would all be at the top of the play list! I am excited that next week Idol is featuring music by Carole King….how cool! My personal theme song is one by a Christian Contemporary Artist named Twila Paris….title: THE WARRIOR IS A CHILD.

Now, head on over to Modly Chic  and check out how other bloggers are inspired!!

Once again, Happy Easter and for all of you who believe in the power of prayer…please pray for Texas, we need rain in the worst way…the state is literally on fire!


  1. Giving up on ourselves starts even earlier than 50 for lots of women. And that's sad to me because we all have so much more living and enjoying life to do.

    You always inspire me. Keep it up.


  2. Inspiration !
    Great topic!
    I find soooo much inspiration from bloggers!
    and on-line catalogs, where i try to find a cute outfit and re-create it on a budget.
    I always look to SJP, in big girl inspiration 🙂

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