Shopping Can Be A Special Moment in Time

As many of you know, my only daughter is about to be married in June. Then, she is literally moving to the other side of the world with her new husband. So, our time together is drawing to a close…at least for what could be a long time. Our most fun times have been either shopping or watching chick flicks together. She is my delight.

With determination, goals to accomplish, and memories in our pockets we set out Saturday for a shopping marathon. Both of us needed dresses for the rehearsal dinner….she needed honeymoon and island clothing….she needed a ring for her groom…and I always need blog material!!

Cute Bench outside Anthropolgie!

La Cantera is an open air mall next to Fiesta Texas, one of our big theme parks. As you pull into the parking lot, you are also staring right up into a massive ferris wheel. One thing I love about La Cantera, is that the service and friendliness of those who work in each store is off the charts. You often feel as though you are leaving good friends when you go from store to store.

We scored big at Forever 21 for her honeymoon clothing…actually we left things we wanted behind, because we wanted so much!! We had already made a small purchase at Old Navy and the two stashes together compliment the tribal/island look she is going for.

Fun at Forever 21!! This is one of the best stores for young trendy
looks on a budget!!  I love it!

I can’t show you her rehearsal dinner look but it involves Anthropologie sun dress…a sparkly headband…and cowgirl boots!! My look came from Jones of New York at Macy’s. Her absolute…hands down…favorite purchase was her hat!! Once she discovered the treasure at Macy’s, it had to be worn the rest of the day including down to the River Walk for dinner. Thank goodness we checked off the list a fabulous ring for her hunny…and rehearsal wear…and her honeymoon clothes. The big clothing question is still ME…what will I wear to the wedding?? I have something in my head and it just hasn’t showed up in a store yet.

Honeymoon one shoulder look from
Forever 21

We laughed…shopped…ate salads at Nordstrom’s….shopped….walked from end to end….shopped….and simply enjoyed one another!!

Now for a very special THANK YOU!  to Burda Style  for the amazing Singer
Sewing Machine I just received.  It was one of the door prizes at the Texas  Style Council’s blogger’s conference in March!  My daughter
is excited to take it with her to her new home…learn to sew…and maybe
teach other women who need a trade.
Also, thanks to sweet Grechen of Grechens Closet  for the personal delivery!!

A Wonderful Prize and gift for a new home!

Nordstrom’s court for eating and re-fueling!

We literally did shop until we dropped!!!!!



  1. I now how precious is time spend with your daughter.
    Both my daughters live away from home, so when we get together there is a party in our hearts.
    The good thing is that I always feel them at the tip of my fingers despite the distance.
    You are both wonderful.

  2. What an incredible gift it is to have such a relationship with your mother/daughter to so enjoy spending time together. I have so much fun with my mother and pray that my daughter feels the same about me as she grows up.

    This post was such a special way to document your day together. Thank you for sharing it with us! You are clearly a wonderful mother!

  3. Your daughter's a beauty and I'd like to congratulate her on her impending happiness! What a treat to have some mother-daughter time before her big move. Looks like you both had a lovely time, and let me just say you are looking foxy! LOVE your hair and that big Texan smile you're sportin'. I can tell you are feeling good!
    the Citizen Rosebud

  4. Your daughter is lovely and what a special day you had together. I love the hat she got and she looks adorable in it. Good luck finding that special MOTB dress that makes you feel just as beautiful as the bride.

  5. I'm shocked that no one else mentioned how much your daughter looks like debra messing. My hubs walked by while I had her on the monitor and he said, "Who's that? She looks like the actress from Will & Grace."

    I'm glad that you two have had this special time together.

  6. This post is close to my heart. I love hanging out with my mom and shopping together. We just got to spend time together and go to a fabric store in Ithaca, NY last week. I cannot remember the last time we did that! Thanks for sharing this with the rest of us. Will your daughter blog about learning to sew?

  7. What a special memory for you two! I love her hat too and the sun dresses are so cool. Can't wait till you find the dress for the wedding and for that blog!

  8. That looks like a fun day! Anthropologie is definitely a place for brides.

    Your comment about looking for a blog post reminds me of the book "Heartburn" by Nora Ephron. Her character makes some comments about her soon-to-be-ex who is a columnist, and how she can tell when something has happened that he thinks is fodder for his column.

  9. What a SWEET day to share with your daughter! I love spending days like that with my mom. And what a great win and even better that you selflessly gave it to your daughter! 🙂

  10. This post reminded me of my mom. We used to shop together. Her trying to get me to "Try this on, come on, for me?" and I always did. We'd have lunch and talk about life, family and friends. Like your daughter I moved a good distance away after I married. I miss her and our shopping days, even her trying to pick out my clothes with her style. 😉

    Enjoy this time and remember to call and visit when you can.

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