One Feelin’ 40 Grandma!

The tunic was a great find
at Buffalo Exchange!

Happy weekend, everyone! Some of you who are new readers may wonder who the other woman is (often) in my pictures. Gigi is one of my best friends and the coolest lady ever. She is the most talented art teacher in San Antonio, TX (that’s not just me who says that)…she is a faithful wife…a mother of two…a grandma of two… a sister…a daughter… a talented interior decorator…artist…jewelry designer… totally Italian… and the one who listens to my trials and laughs at my life.

She picked up this tunic in San
Francisco….I just love it!
The floral cardigan is from

She talked me into beginning this blog and encourages me to hang in there when I wonder, “Why Am I Doing This?” I have learned so much from her, and that is why I celebrate our friendship!

A good day for Gigi and I, doesn’t just include obedient students, but mostly centers around coffee…shopping…a great Italian restaurant…more shopping…a bottle of water…and more shopping. We have also been on the HCG diet together, so we understand each other’s weird eating habits!

Another great tunic from
Buffalo Exchange

At 56, she always looks fabulous, creative and youthful. I hope you will enjoy some of her looks from this past week!

Her shoes are from Kohl’s and I so want to sneak them
into my bag!!!

There’s no better way to conclude than with Maurice Chevalier
singing “Thank Heaven for Little Girls” from the movie


  1. Give Gigi a thank you from me for insisting that you start this blog! I love her combo of tunic, cropped pants and GREAT shoes. I will be grading all weekend…and I am grumpy about it.

  2. What wonderful outfits…. so chic and fabulous!
    Oh my… and the shoes!

    I like your blog… the idea of it… I'll be back. It's always fun to hang around with people who have no intention of letting their age stop them from being beautiful in every way.

    It's inspiring!

  3. Every woman needs a best girlie friend… Yours has character which makes life all the better.

    My blog "Hey There Carole" is for my friend who lives in Alaska. I do wish she would move back to the east coast.

  4. Love the title of your blog…I can so relate! In my mind I'm still in my 30's and feel it…that is until I'm reminded that I'm now 50 everytime I look ing the mirror…lol I tried the HCG diet two years ago while I was still working and it worked for a while but I've notice that my "belly" fat is creeping back. My problem is that DH and I love to drink wine with dinner and I'm not big on exercise…yuck! So it's a constant battle with the middle age spread and just saying the heck with it and enjoying life. The passing of your friend reminds me of that even more. Best wishes for you and your family during this difficult time. Hope you have a wonderful week. Fondly, Roberta

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