Today’s Celebrations: Warm Weather and Awards

Celebrate Warm Weather!
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“Celebrate your success and stand strong when adversity hits, for when the storm clouds come in, the eagles soar while the small birds take cover” -Anonymous

Midlife is a challenge…there is no sugar coating that fact. Everything seems to speed up. Suddenly, more people around us are leaving this world….more are experiencing hardships like divorce…more are entering the dreaded empty nest…and more wrinkles begin to appear where we least desire them to be.

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In the past week, I have walked through some realities that sent me into a flood of memories. I found myself in the middle of my bed, looking through all of the pictures of my three children growing up. I lingered on those of friends and family who are no longer with us. I wept over couples who are no longer together. I had a private moment to re-live the past and cherish the moments.

Gigi also celebrates warm weather

But, I also recently found myself in a gathering of over 50+ women just like myself. The majority seemed so sad that life is changing rapidly. They appeared to accept that their vibrant times are over….a quite life babysitting the grandkids was the only place they could find joy…when I asked a couple what you are doing besides babysitting, there was no response. The women I spoke with just came off despondent and I absolutely refuse to accept it. A change in life simply means there are new joys to experience…not that everything stops.

That is why I am going to focus on celebrations for a while. There is something we can find to celebrate every single day. Each day is a gift!  The focus is up to us.

TODAY, I am celebrating my high school newspaper staff…. They won the STATE CHAMPIONSHIP for high school newspapers this past Saturday!! They are an incredibly talented and gifted group of young adults who work very hard to produce a 32-page newsmagazine once a month and maintain a news website. I started our school journalism department ten years ago and this will be the third time we have won the STATE title….for that I absolutely celebrate!!!

Examples of their work!

Would any of you like to share what you are celebrating today??


  1. Congratulations to your News paper staff.
    I am not sad at all because my daughters have left the nest. I brought them up in the hope that they would become the human beings they are.And help them to grow wings of they own.
    They never belonged to me.
    They are my pride and joy, but I never lost focus that I had to love myself in orther to give.
    Everyday i celebrate the simple thing of life.
    And being middle age is being the best time of my life.
    Getting up every morning is a true present.

  2. I love this idea of celebrating! And Sacramento's comment really resonates with me. Yes,the wrinkles (overnight, love!) that come with aging are humbling blows to my vanity- but I wouldn't trade places with my younger self. I am so much more blessed by wisdom even if it did come with wrinkles.
    I celebrate YOU! Pam you are a strong and clear voice reminding us that life isn't over at 50 but just getting started!

  3. Congratulations to the newspaper staff! You must be so proud. Congratulations to you too for mentoring them.

    My kids are 8 and 4 and I can't deal at all with looking at pictures of them when they were babies or toddlers, it makes me feel weepy every time.

    I'm with Bella, I celebrate you! Thanks for an excellent post.

  4. Congrats are due for the State Championship….they certainly must be hard working and have a decicated staff advisor.
    I will celebrate my bff today to listened to me and calmed me down after I went through a 'thunderstorm' yesterday.

  5. Those kids are so lucky to have you to lead them! State championship! WOW! That is an achievement!!!
    You and I both think alike! While I can not wait to have grandchildren someday… I will love to spend time with them, but it will NOT be my life!!! You and I will keep MOVING!
    Have a pretty day!

  6. Pam, wonderful post today! Congratulations on the State Championship! What am I celebrating today? Hmmm…I'm celebrating that I am living a life filled with love!! Hugs to you my San Antonio friend! ~Serene

  7. Wow. I'm so glad you aren't one of those sad women who thinks it's not going to get better or there's nothing to look forward to. Your love of life is inspiring. Keep doing what you do, honey! Love you!!

    I played hookie today with my husband and we drove an hour away to San Jose to hang out with some ball players. It was so incredible. We laughed and sang in the car the whole way there and back. I'm so lucky to have such a great marriage.

    Thanks for always sharing your honest truth!


  8. Pam–I know from working with a colleague who heads up our campus newspaper what a feather in YOUR cap this award is for your student staff! Congratulations! I hear you on having to deal with sobering news…last week I learned of two colleagues who have been given discouraging diagnoses. They are my age… Briefly I wondered if blogging was the best use of my time.

  9. What an inspiring post, Pam! Congratulations to The Revelation's staff – that is an amazing accomplishment.

    I am celebrating…my dear family. My wonderful husband L, who puts up with so much from me, and my dear kitty Inigo, who always knows when I need a cuddle.

  10. Congratulations on the newspaper award!

    I'd like to back up a moment and celebrate Grandmothers who babysit!

    I lived far from my own mother and my mother-in-law who was nearby had a busy social schedule and rarely was available to babysit. As a young mother I was always envious of those with ready/willing parents who watched their children.

    My own Grandmother was young when I was born and my sister and I spent a lot of time with her. To this day I remember many of the things she told and showed us how to do.

    So let's celebrate women who spent their leisure years with their Grandchildren!

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